Tips to Look Younger

Since the fountain of youth and time machine are currently mythological, it is up to you to turn back the hands of time. Many are under the impression that the skin is the only factor that defines an age, but a matronly appearance is about so much more.

Flawless Skin is Always in

Do you have a skincare routine? If not, that is probably why your youth is slipping away. Although repairing the skin isn’t the complete remedy for looking youthful, it is a large contributing factor. It is never too early to begin a skincare routine, in fact, if you have preteens they are ready for their first cleanser and moisturizer.

The first step in a stellar routine is cleansing; this is what removes all the dirt, oil, and debris from the face. When the pores are clogged, acne and wrinkles are sure to form leaving skin undesirable. The type of cleanser you need depends on your skin type. Those with oily skin should use a foaming cleanser and if you have dry skin, use a cleansing oil, cream, or milk. Your face should never feel tight after washing; this is a clear indicator that the formula is too drying.

Next, apply your treatment. These products can come in the form of a cream, mask, serum, or oil but have powerful ingredients to help with your skin concerns. For a more youthful look, you want skin that is wrinkle-free and radiant, which calls for one or more of these ingredients:

  • Vitamin C
  • Peptides
  • Retinol
  • Alpha Hydroxy acids
  • Fruit enzymes
  • Skin lighteners
  • Antioxidants
  • Hyaluronic acid

Your hydrator should have some of these ingredients also. If you are oily or acne prone, go for a moisturizer that is oil-free so that you don’t clog your pores. Both skin types can use oil as a moisturizer as long as it isn’t comedogenic (blemish-causing); believe it or not, there are oils that help banish acne.

Avoid wrinkle causing habits.

Find a Skin Professional



You have a doctor for bodily wellness, a dentist for oral wellness, and possibly a shrink for mental wellness, so why not an esthetician or dermatologist to help take care of your skin? Sure these things may require a little extra cash, but remember that you must invest to reach success. You don’t have to visit weekly, getting a facial every 4-6 weeks is enough. Going to the same person consistently will allow them to get to know your skin and give you the best advice.

What will you wear?

One of the worse things to see is a mature woman with a wardrobe from the junior’s department. Looking younger isn’t about wearing what the “kids” wear, it’s about staying out of stores like Chico’s and Talbots (they have a few acceptable pieces). There are stylish ready-to-wear pieces appropriate for all ages, you just have to know the rules.

  • Stay away from childish screen tees. Sure that unicorn shirt screams teenage girl, but it doesn’t belong on your body. Instead, opt for one that represents your culture, pokes fun of your career, or one that contains an adult joke.
  • You don’t need any glitter. A little bling-bling is sure to spice up any outfit, but there is a time and place for it. There is no need to have rhinestone studded jeans or sweatpants with sparkly words plastered across the butt. Save the shine for red carpet event and even then, play it safe.
  • Pay attention to fit. Before, young women were obsessed with short cut dresses and skirts but times are slowly changing. Yes, the mini skirt is still in style but the shin-length cut is also receiving praise. When a mature woman thinks of a skirt that goes to the shin, it probably mirrors one that a “church lady” would wear. A youthful woman knows that the key is for it to hug the body all the way to the bottom. Make sure all of your clothes are fitted so you can show off your shape but be sure they aren’t inappropriately tight.
  • Don’t be afraid to show your body. Wearing fitted clothes may be a start, but you could do more to show off your body without being provocative. Try purchasing things with a V-neck or short sleeves just to pump up the sexy.

Get up and Move

It is important that you keep your body intact if you want to look more youthful. No matter how good you look, I may be able to tell your age if you have a hunched back. Working out will increase strength and flexibility so you can continue to complete everyday tasks. It would be totally embarrassing to show up to work in heels only for your knees to give out a few hours later. Staying active will also allow your clothes to fit better and your skin to become more tight and radiant.

Improve your diet too!

Looking the Part isn’t Enough

Before you can walk the walk, you have to talk the talk. To look younger you must first act younger, so here are a few tips to help you change your mindset.

  1. Be open to change- The world is constantly changing, and if you don’t move with it, you’ll get lost. Throw out that old flip phone and purchase a smartphone so you can keep up with the latest. Looking younger may also require you change some of your lifestyle habits (smoking, and drinking), so if you aren’t ready you may not reach you fullest potential.
  2. Be in the know- Looking younger may attract different crowds of people who may talk about subjects that you don’t. I am not recommending that you know the newest Justin Beiber song, but give some new television shows a chance or read up on the latest fashion trends.
  3. Gain some confidence- It is one thing to look younger, but another thing to feel it. Tell yourself that you haven’t missed a beat since your twenties, and maybe you’ll begin to believe it! It is just as important not to put too much pressure on yourself so you can complete your journey.

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