Ten Beauty Tips to Look Younger Naturally

Did you know that your overall appearance, the way you dress and even your emotional predisposition significantly affect how your age is perceived?

But more than that, your lifestyle choices may dictate how well you’re doing on the race to aging healthily. If you feel like you look older than your real age, here are ten tips that may both trick the eyes in making you look younger and actually make you younger.

1. Consume healthy fats

Eating more fat is a safe and natural alternative to Botox. Salma Hayek, Hollywood’s ageless beauty of 50 who managed to avoid the beauty bandwagon of cosmetic surgery, credits her flawless and younger-looking skin to the traditional fat-rich foods in her diet.

The fat in the food we eat is directly related to the skin, in way that each skin cell is protected by two layers of fatty membranes known as phospholipid bilayer.

Essential fatty acids such as omega-6 and oleic acid – found only in foods – are needed to keep the integrity and strength of these cell walls.

2. Detox with fruits and antioxidants-rich foods

Detoxifying your system doesn’t have to be as extreme as going on a few days plan of consuming nothing but water and lemon juice.

Our body has a regular detoxification process and it relies on the antioxidants contained in the foods we eat daily. Grapefruits, garlic, red pepper, cucumber and broccoli are excellent sources of detoxification enzymes. These antioxidants fight oxidative stress-causing radicals and help flush out the toxins while delivering a whole bunch of nutrients to the body.

3. Know when to eat

Aside from antioxidants, you must help your body detoxify itself by synchronizing your autophagic processes with strategic eating and intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting promotes cell healing and facilitates a healthy internal environment. It is a highly recommended lifestyle to halt fast aging.

4. Reverse the clock with anti-aging yogic poses

Yoga is a lifestyle vogue that never goes off trend.  But why is it that doing yoga seems to be on almost everyone’s mouth when it is actually a discipline so difficult to implement?

Many people stick with yoga because its stress-reducing and cellular-reconstructing benefits reflect a youthful appearance. Breathing exercises and meditation poses do more than rewiring the brain and relaxing the mind – these poses improve circulation, balance, flexibility, skin elasticity and restore damaged cells as well. In short, yoga slows aging.

5. Drink green tea

Did you know that the miracle substance that can prevent premature aging is scarcely found in drugstores or cosmetics section? It is in green tea!

A staple beverage used in the Orient for many centuries, green tea contains oligomeric proanthocyanidines or OPCs, one of the most potent antioxidants.  While green tea is largely marketed as topical anti-aging cream or treatment, little do we know that its age-stopping effect is proven to work only when ingested internally.

6. Aerobic exercise for younger and supple skin

Aerobic or cardio exercises are often associated with improved memory and cardiovascular health. In a recent study, scientists are astonished to realize that exercise may likewise actually reverse the external effects of aging.

Even if done later in life, exercise can make both the inner and outer layer of the skin supple. Well, good news for folks out there, because there is a more impressive reason to go on jogging and brisk walking sooner.

7. Pump up your sex life

Having more sex means more growth hormones are secreted by the pituitary gland. The human growth hormone or HGH is primarily influential in improving appropriate body-fat ratio and skin elasticity. Low levels of this hormone may also result in premature wrinkle development, thinning hair, belly fat and dry skin.

8. Cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate



A good body and facial care regimen is one key to maintaining a constantly glowing skin. Wash your face with a gentle and nondrying cleanser twice daily. No matter how oily your skin is, never use regular soap on your face. Soaps are too harsh on the natural oil and delicate PH balance of facial skin.

Avoid exfoliating too often. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and stimulates collagen production, but overdoing it may accelerate aging. The ideal routine is to exfoliate only once a week or twice during warmer months.

Moisturize in the morning to keep your skin hydrated during the day. At night, leave your skin free of anything and let it breathe as you rest.

9. Improve your Dressing Style

Wearing a shapeless blouse or blazer to cover your flabby parts may actually make you look heavier and dowdy. Instead of hiding them, draw the eye attention towards an overall impression of your figure by selecting clothes with well-cut and body-flattering designs.

There is something more about clothing styles that trick the eyes. Even if you’re chubby, you can actually project an impressive figure with blouses that nips in at the waist and jeans that follow your silhouette.

Ditch the color black – or at least try to use bright accessories. In older women with pale complexion, this color creates a sharp contrast that highlights the wrinkles and dark shadows around eyes.

10. Be a realistic optimist.

Being a pessimist may actually make you live longer. In psychological science, the theory is that pessimists tend to live longer than optimists because their negative outlook makes them more cautious, which translates into action by planning ahead for their future.

If you’re in this league, don’t make it a license to look grumpy and downcast all the time. Complement this realistic outlook with a happy disposition and you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Study shows that happy faces project a youthful appearance because more oxytocin is released in the brain. This hormone relaxes the nerves and actively supports muscle growth.

So never miss the chance to live your life to the fullest; live heartily, smile a lot and laugh often.

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  • Sarah Cummings

    I think this is a great little list. I also think wearing minimal make up can take years off.

    • admin

      Sarah, I so agree with you and I myself love natural look the less the better. I am all about skincare!


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