10 Korean Beauty Secrets for Fresh and Radiant Skin

If there’s one thing that’s truly noticeable about Korean ladies, it’s their refreshingly clear skin. Their skin glows with a radiant complexion all the time. And it’s not just young women that sport lovely skin. Even those ladies advancing in age are sure aging gracefully with their porcelain-like skin!

The beauty of Korean skin has made girls all over the world curious – what beauty regimens do Koreans do to keep their skin looking healthy and fab every single time? Well, here are some skin care tips and tricks that the lovely Koreans religiously do to maintain youthful and radiant skin.

Prevention is Always Better

Most women worldwide only act whenever they see signs of visible skin damage. Admit it; you’ve probably been guilty of this, too. When you notice heavy eye bags, you immediately apply loads of eye cream. When the first signs of blemishes appear, you immediately spot-correct them with various treatments. Basically, you try to salvage your already-damaged skin before it’s too late. But this practice doesn’t reflect the proper way of caring for your skin holistically.

Preventive skin care is a must for every Korean lady. This means caring for the skin before it gets damaged. Koreans were groomed to take skin care seriously, and generations of Korean women attest to that fact. Moms would teach their little girls skin care techniques at a young age, and this cycle goes on and on for generations to come.

Korean preventive skin care is simple. You cleanse your face to keep it healthy, and your skin rewards you in return by looking naturally radiant and blemish-free. You don’t have to wait for damage to creep in before taking skin care seriously.

Do the Double Cleansing Technique

Koreans are well-known for their double-cleansing practice. It’s a great way to ensure that your face stays truly clean! How to do it? It’s actually easy.

Pre-cleanse your face. First, rid yourself of all traces of makeup. Use a trusty oil-based cleanser to literally melt off all makeup remnants on your face.

Once done with pre-cleansing, take your mild water-based foaming cleanser and use it to get rid of dirt and grime that’s not taken off during pre-cleansing. Apply the cleanser with your fingertips and gently massage in a circular motion. Rinse off with warm water.

The Korean Ten-Step Skin Care Regimen

Cleansing your skin in ten steps? Seems a bit tedious, but it’s actually pretty simple! Koreans are known to religiously follow these steps every single time in their skin care routine:

  1. Pre-Cleansing – Remove all traces of makeup with an oil-based cleanser.
  2. Cleansing – Use water-based cleansers to ensure that the face is thoroughly clean even after your pre-cleansing session.
  3. Exfoliating – Scrub your skin with a gentle exfoliator. This step takes off dead skin cells from your face, promotes circulation of blood, and boost growth of healthier skin cells.
  4. Toning – Tone up your skin to keep it clean and tight. While you’re probably used to dabbing toner in a cotton ball before applying it to the face, Koreans do otherwise. They apply toner to their faces using their fingertips in a tapping motion. This method improves absorption of the toner into the skin. Steer clear of alcohol-based toners and use one with natural ingredients instead.
  5. Applying Facial Essence – Essence is a concentrated formula applied right after you tone your skin. It aids in skin renewal at the cellular level, and is an essential part of the Korean skin care regimen. Spray the essence on your face, then lightly tap to let it be absorbed by your skin. Your facial skin will light up instantly!
  6. Add Some Serum – Lock in nutrients from your skin care stash with a coat of facial serum after your essence.
  7. Put On Some Sheet Mask – Indulge your skin with a wet, collagen-soaked papery sheet mask. Your skin instantly absorbs nutrients from the mask before it cools off and evaporates, leading to healthier skin. Do this for two to three time a week, and watch your skin glow.
  8. Dot on Eye Cream – Brighten your under-eye area by tapping on a generous amount of thick eye cream.
  9. Moisturizing – Slather on a layer of moisturizer on your face and neck. Use a lightweight cream at morning; shift to a heavier one at night.
  10. Stay Sun Safe – Lastly, take your SPF-fortified sunscreen and rub some on your skin during the day. Skip it if you’re doing the routine at night.

Once done with these steps, you’ll get that moist yet dewy glow that Koreans just love. Most of all, you’ll get healthier skin every time you do the routine.

Complete Your Skin Care Regimen Within 15-30 Minutes.

Korean skin care

Korean skin care

The abovementioned ten steps of Korean skin care should be done in quick succession. Aim to complete the routine within half an hour or less. This is to allow the nutrients in the products to get seeped in by the skin before they melt or evaporate in the air. Also, doing these routine isn’t that tedious as it looks like, so you’ll likely breeze through the process in under an hour.

Massage, Massage, Massage.

Treat your skin to a daily massage. Use your fingertips or knuckles to gently stimulate and massage your facial tissues and muscles. Doing so tones and firms your facial skin, and keeps blood flowing vigorously through your face. It’s a great way to keep wrinkles and sagging skin at bay.

Protect Your Skin at All Times.

Remember that Koreans are known as great skincare warriors; they take lots of preventive steps to stop damage from creeping to their skin. That’s why SPF use and covering up against the sun is a must for them, and for you, too.

Use Less Makeup.

Koreans typically don’t use loads of makeup on their face. Just a simple blush and a hint of lip color are okay. But if you do need to use more makeup, be sure to choose brands that are non-comedogenic and made from natural ingredients.

Don’t Forget Your Pout!

Lips are an all-important facial feature. Take care of yours the Korean way by slathering on some nourishing lip balm after your ten-step skin regimen. Keep lip tints and balms in your makeup stash as well.

Nourish Yourself from Within.

Koreans love eating fruits and veggies, so adopt that and shift to healthier food choices. Drink lots of water to keep your skin and your entire body hydrated. Also, try drinking some barley tea, a nut-tasting Korean tea oozing with antioxidants.

Keep your skin well-nourished and healthy with these tips gleaned from the Korean women. Never envy their youthfully radiant skin again, because you can achieve that, too! Follow these tips to heart and say hello to your radiantly healthy skin in no time.

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