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How to Take Care of your Lips

Do you have a skin care routine? If so, you should give yourself a pat on the back because a lot of people don’t. Having a consistent ritual is one thing, but is it thorough enough to keep you looking your best? You must cover all of the bases when primping your canvas, including the lips. Caring for your lips further than applying cherry Chap Stick may seem unnecessary, but they are covered with skin too. The skin on the lips is thinner than the rest of your body making it insanely fragile. If the surface of your body dried and cracked as easily as your lips, you would be in big trouble.

Why should I care for my lips?

Just like the ears, the lips are often forgotten when we cleanse and hydrate. As discussed earlier, the lips are fragile so maintaining them will help prevent common concern such as:

  • Dry skin- The surface of your lips gets dehydrated so easily, especially in the winter. If you are someone who likes to lick your lips for additional hydration, I have some bad news; saliva will not hydrate. Spreading your spit will only cause them to get drier since it evaporates so quickly. Once the skin on the lips becomes dry, you may encounter other issues as well.
  • Cracking- Dry skin doesn’t have the elasticity that hydrated skin does so the lips can split. Think about trying to tear a piece of fresh taffy in half versus a piece of paper, the paper is dry and will split with no problem. Cracking can become so severe that the lips bleed if this occurs, keep the area cleaned and protected, so an infection doesn’t develop.
  • Peeling- Once the lips start to crack, the skin may start to peel. This skin is dry, dead, and ready to be removed. In some cases, the skin may not be ready to come off and will bleed if it is forced.
  • Discoloration- Have you ever seen someone with extremely dark lips? Well, some people are born with a deeper pigment and others are the cause of it. Bad habits like smoking tobacco cause the lips to stain, sometimes giving them a purple appearance.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles– Most people work to avoid wrinkles around the eyes and totally neglect their lips. You will obtain wrinkles naturally around the lips from certain facial expressions and everyday activities like eating and drinking. Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol can cause the lips to become dry and wrinkled because they dehydrate your body. Also, the repeated motion of smoking can cause unwanted wrinkles around your chops.

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A Sample Routine

So, what is the best way to care for the lips? Be sure to do so during your current skincare routine so it doesn’t seem like a hassle. Maintaining a beautiful mouth doesn’t require that much labor; let me show you!

1. Cleanse

Cleanse Lips

Cleanse Lips

You don’t have to wash the lips in the same way you wash your body, but you need to make sure they are clean. Using a washcloth or cleansing towelette in the morning, evening, and after eating will prevent debris from building up. If your job requires you to do a lot of speaking, you may want to carry a few cloths with you to ensure saliva isn’t sticking to the skin. Those who have cracked lips should cleanse to prevent infection.

2. Treat

When asked about skin care concerns, there aren’t many people who mention their lips, but there are treatment products made for them. As discussed earlier, those with wrinkles can invest in an age reversing lip balm, but there are also lotions and serums that help target the issues up close and personal. These formulas penetrate the skin making them much more effective than a balm. Not everyone will need a treatment; the most common are for wrinkles and discoloration.

3. Hydration

If you don’t follow any more of my advice, please remember to hydrate the lips. Remember the effects that dehydration has on your skin? If so, you know how important it is to listen. Lips balms are sufficient at moisturizing the skin, in fact, the oils also help protect them from the environment. Oils take much longer to absorb so they will be much more effective than licking. Most lip balms solely provide the skin with moisture, but there are some that protect you from the sun and signs of aging.

4. Exfoliate

Do you scrub your lips? If not, you should start today. Exfoliation helps to prevent and remove dry, flakyskin, so the surface appears smooth. This step can also regenerate your cells to help with fine line and wrinkles. The best way to exfoliate the lips is to use a scrub; you could purchase one or you could create your own by mixing two parts sugar with one part honey! You should scrub twice a week at the most, doing it in excess can cause the skin to tear.

Each time you apply facial care remember to care for your lips. A consistent routine can deliver benefits like:

Better lipstick application- There is nothing like having crumbly lipstick; it’s painfully unattractive. Makeup is like paint meaning it only coats the surface and doesn’t smooth them. This is why people are often discouraged when trying to cover acne, although the redness is gone the elevation is still visible. Whatever texture your lips are when putting on a lipstick will shine beneath even the thickest layer.

One less distraction- When the lips are dry it can throw you off your game. Instead of working, you may find yourself biting loose skin from your lips or excessively licking them. If you have a hydrator, remember to leave one at work to relieve the discomfort.

A silkier kiss- You’ll enjoy the best kisses of your life! Having smooth lips will allow you to glide seamlessly across your partner!

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