How to get Rid of Whiteheads on the Nose

Got little white bumps on your nose? Chances are they are whiteheads. Whiteheads form when dirt, oil, debris, or other objects faster in the pore. The difference between this and a blackhead is that there is a layer of skin over whiteheads, so they can’t oxidize and turn black. Whiteheads can be tough to remove because of this extra layer of skin, but it can be done! Learn how to get rid of blemishes.

Whiteheads can disappear with the proper skincare routine

If you take the steps to perform a good skin care routine, you may be able to get rid of whiteheads. All steps in your routine are necessary, but these three should never be skipped.

Whiteheads can form from neglecting to cleanse

Even if you stayed in the house all day long, it is still imperative to wash your face. The air is contaminated with dirt and debris that cling on to the skin. Once these materials get into the pore, you are at risk for a white head. Cleansing helps keep the pore-free from these contaminants by attaching itself to them, softening them, and making it easier for them to fall down the drain. Cleansing should be done both morning and night to ensure your skin steers clear of whiteheads.

Exfoliation is essential

If you are prone to whiteheads and don’t include exfoliation in your skin care routine, you are seriously missing out. When you exfoliate the skin, you help remove dead skin that will make it easier to remove impacted materials. Since several layers of skin cover whiteheads, it may take a few exfoliating treatments but results will occur. Whiteheads can be removed through both chemical and manual exfoliation but if they occur on the nose chemical exfoliants will work best. Exfoliation should be done no more than two times a week, if you over exfoliate the skin it can cause scarring.

Find the proper treatment

Treating the skin with the proper ingredients can help get rid of current whiteheads and prevent others from forming. Those suffering from whiteheads may use products formulated for acne or deep cleansing because they include ingredients that help unplug the pore. Ingredients like soap, clay, charcoal, and volcanic ash will attract dirt and debris and wash them down the drain.

A treatment doesn’t have to be used every day; it can also be something you use weekly. Many peels and masks require usage once per week but can deliver dramatic results.

Let a professional help you get rid of whiteheads

Whiteheads may not sound like something serious enough to visit a professional for but the option is available. Some whiteheads grow a hard mass over them (also called millia) and are nearly impossible to remove, in this case, a professional is necessary.

Get a facial


Facial Treatment

While some get facials to relax, others take them far more seriously. Getting rid of whiteheads can be simple with a facial especially since everything is out of your hands.

A facial consists of:

Cleansing- As discussed earlier, this step helps soften and remove dirt, oil, and debris. Your specialist will more than likely use a cleanser created for deep cleansing and may even use a cleansing brush to drive cleanser further.

Steam/Mask- Next your skin care professional will pump up the steam. Steaming the skin will help open pores and further soften impacted materials. Depending on your facialist, you may also be wearing a mask that helps detox the skin.

Extractions- This is the step where whiteheads will be removed. After the skin is steamed whiteheads will be pushed and released from the skin.

After extractions, your professional will apply skincare product relative to your skin type. It is important that you invest in these products so that whiteheads do not reappear.

Visit a dermatologist

Dermatology offices also offer facials, but some may be more intense than the spa. Dermatologists can use chemicals that are much stronger and may find an alternate route to get rid of whiteheads.

Natural ingredients can also help get rid of whiteheads

You can get rid of whiteheads without the use of harsh chemicals. These ingredients are an excellent alternative for those with sensitive skin since many deep cleansing products can be tough.

Try these delicious foods

Lemon- Lemons are awesome when wanting to get rid of whiteheads. Lemons are loaded with citric acid that is very effective for exfoliation. Citric acid will help unclog pores that can get rid of whiteheads.

Take an entire lemon and rub it over the entire face then let it sit for about 15 minutes. After 15 minutes has passed rinse your face with warm water and follow with a moisturizer. This treatment can be done 1-3 times per week but depends on your skin type.

Tomato-Lycopene, an acid found in the tomato is the very reason tomatoes help get rid of whiteheads. The acid will help soften compacted materials, so they are easier to remove.

To perform a tomato treatment apply tomato juice over the entire face. Once the juice is dry rinse it away with warm water. A tomato treatment can be performed every day if whiteheads are a primary concern.

Honey-For those with sensitive skin, honey can get rid of whiteheads without irritation. Honey has antibacterial properties that can help kill any bacteria found in the pore. Using honey will also help to prevent acne.

Apply honey over the entire face and let it sit for ten minutes. After ten minutes has passed rinse with warm water and proceed with your skincare routine. If you have tougher skin, adding lemon or tomato juice can make it easy to remove whiteheads.

It would be much easier to have skin free from whiteheads if you take steps to avoid them. Here is how you can prevent whiteheads from forming:

  1. Be sure to cleanse daily with an effective formula. Deep cleansing formulas commonly contain ingredients like salicylic acid to help unclog pores.
  2. Exfoliating the skin will reduce the amount of skin over your whitehead, this will allow for easier removal.
  3. Eliminate toxins that can clog pores by drinking enough water.
  4. If a whitehead doesn’t come out when squeezed, do not force it out you could leave a scar or spread bacteria.

Get rid of blackheads too!


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