How to Get Baby Soft Skin

Most people would kill to have skin that others describe as “soft as a baby’s bottom” but many of us believe that this is impossible. There are ways to get baby soft skin no matter your age that are proven to deliver success. Follow these steps and overtime you will be covered soft, silky, irresistible skin.

Spa treatments may help get baby soft skin

A visit to the spa always sounds like fun especially if it means you’ll have baby smooth skin. Not all spa treatments are geared toward relaxation; some benefit the skin.

Take a milk bath

Spas that offer more luxurious treatments may have a room where you can take a bath. The idea of bathing for baby soft skin was derived from our ancient ancestors. The Romans were known for their baths. The Roman community often gathered for public baths that were sometimes treated as celebrations. While most submerged in only water royalty bathed in other ingredients. Queen Elizabeth was noted for bathing is strawberries and milk that was said to keep her skin baby soft.

Milk can be used to create lactic acid that has tremendous benefits for the skin. Lactic acid is considered as an Alpha Hydroxyl acid or AHA, which is often used as a chemical exfoliator in many beauty products. The use of alpha hydroxyl acids often results in skin that is smooth and baby soft because it helps to get rid of dry, dead skin.

If lactic acid is what you choose to get baby soft skin to be sure to follow with a heavy hydrator because alpha hydroxyl acids can dry the skin.

Wax it away

Waxing for baby soft skin?

You’ve got it right!

Although waxing is a hair removal technique, it can help you get closer to having baby soft skin. If soft wax is used to remove hair, it sticks to the surface, removing any skin cells that are dry or dead. Also, when the skin is free from hair, you have less texture further adding to baby soft skin! Waxing can also help get rid of hyperpigmentation issues.

Get a facial

Getting a facial equivalent to receiving a deep cleaning from your dentist. During a facial, the skin is cleansed, exfoliated, steamed, hydrated, and will most likely endure extractions (removal of impurities). Baby soft skin occurs in skin that is healthy overall which is why all of these steps are imperative.

After you’ve received a facial, it is important to purchase products to maintain baby soft skin. Facials should be done every 1-3 months depending on your skin care concerns.

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Do it yourself to get baby soft skin

You may not be a skin care professional, but there are measures you can take to ensure you have baby soft skin. Adopt a few of these rituals into your current routine to leave the skin thoroughly nourished.



Scrub that skin

As you may know, scrubbing the skin helps to get rid of skin cells that have become dry. When dry skin is removed, it will instantly result in skin that is smoother. To obtain skin that is baby soft scrub the skin once or twice per week. Consistency is vital if you choose to scrub your way to baby soft skin so be sure you are ready to commit.

Get a moisturizing cleanser

Many people love babies’ skin because it looks so pure, and one way to get it there is to ensure it is clean. Cleansing helps get rid of oil, dirt, and debris that often build in pores and create texture. Cleansing will also help diminish the appearance of pores eventually making it baby soft. Cleansing should be done morning and night for about 1-2 minutes because after 3 minutes your cleanser can become acidic and strip away moisture, reversing all of your hard work.

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Hydrate with these useful ingredients

Baby soft skin is skin that is completely hydrated so to ensure maximum moisture your lotion or creams should be loaded with ingredients like:

Hyaluronic acid- This moisture binding component allows the skin to retain more water. Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water and reduce the amount of water loss caused by evaporation.

AHA’s- These ingredients are used to remove dry skin making it easier for hydration to drive deep into the pores. These elements include acids like glycolic, lactic and citric.

Essential oils- These moisture providing oils can be used alone or combined with other skincare to pump up the hydration. Some of the most hydrating essential oils include:

  • Jojoba
  • Coconut
  • Vitamin E
  • Argan
  • Soy
  • Carrot seed

Obtain baby soft skin the natural way

Baby soft skin can also be obtained naturally. These methods won’t cost a dime but will give you the skin you deserve.

Drink more water

Water makes up approximately 70% of your body and in order to maintain good health, you must keep that. If your water level isn’t maintained, it can cause the skin to become dehydrated. Drinking water can also help promote an even tone and skin that is wrinkle free!

Avoid direct sunlight

One reason a baby’s skin is so soft is because of the lack of sun damage. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can prevent the skin from being baby soft because it can cause it to dry, peel, and develop imperfections like wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. If you are unable to avoid the sun be sure to wear sunscreen for ultimate sun protection.

If you’re consistent with your baby soft skincare rituals, they will no doubt result in baby soft skin. Once you achieve baby soft skin, it is important to keep up with these rituals so you’ll have it for life.

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