How to Get Rid of White Patches on Skin?

A tiny pimple is already a cause of concern for some people. However, having vitiligo or white patches on your skin is a more serious issue than a tiny pimple, which you can resolve naturally in time. If you notice white patches on your skin, then take action right away. Note that while it isn’t actually contagious nor life-threatening, it can still trigger mental stress. It might also affect your self-confidence as you’ll most likely feel embarrassed each time you go out.

The problem with these white patches is that they tend to appear on the most visible parts of your body, particularly those exposed to the sun. Among these body parts are the hands, feet, face, arms, and lips. Fortunately, vitiligo or white patches on skin is a skin condition, which you can treat at home with the right remedies. The following is a list of some of the best home remedies that you can use to treat the skin problem:

  1. Coconut oil

    Coconut oil

    Coconut oil – One of the most effective remedies for white patches on skin is coconut oil as it is rich in moisturizing properties. It is also a big help in the re-pigmentation process. All you have to do to take advantage of it is to apply some on the skin areas with white patches. It is highly recommended to do this every day until it fully removes the patches.

  2. Ginger – Another way to get rid of white patches on skin is to use ginger. It cures the problem by stimulating proper blood circulation while also producing enough melanin. Just apply some slices of ginger on the affected areas. Do the process two times every day. For best results, you can combine the juices of both mint and ginger and apply the mixture on the patches.
  3. Turmeric – With the many antiseptic properties of turmeric, expect it to work wonders in curing the white patches on your skin. Just mix a few teaspoons of mustard oil with turmeric powder then apply it to the affected body parts. Such can help in boosting your immunity.

If the problem is quite severe in the sense that there are several areas that you need to treat, then increase the amount of turmeric powder and oil accordingly. Apply it on your skin two times a day.

Honey – One of the most common causes of vitiligo is fungus. That said, the anti-fungal properties present in honey can also help you deal with the problem. What’s good about honey is that it also lets your skin glow while also retaining its normal color.

Make sure to clean the area first with lukewarm water and soap. Let it dry prior to applying liquid honey. Wait for a few minutes so your skin can completely absorb it. Results may be visible within a few weeks or months of use.

  1. Holy Basil Oil – With this remedy, getting rid of unsightly white patches and spots on your skin is possible. Just put on a liberal amount of the holy basil oil on your skin. Aside from applying the oil directly on your skin, you can also try other versions of the treatment. One is to boil water with basil leaves on it then stir in turmeric powder. You can use the water mixture in washing the patches.
  2. Figs – One way to take full advantage of the ability of figs to get rid of white patches on skin is to consume lots of its raw form every day. Do this for one to two months. It can cure the problem as it purifies your blood and improves your blood circulation. Another way to use this remedy is to mix dry fig powder with water then apply it directly to the patches.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar – One of the many uses of ACV is to offer relief against white patches formed on your skin. The good thing about ACV is that it is rich in antimicrobial properties – all of which can help get rid of fungi from your skin that often trigger the problem. Just mix it with water then put some of the solution directly on the patches. Wash the affected area with it for a minimum of two times per day.
  4. Almond Oil – It is a natural antioxidant, which is also rich in Vitamin E, making it suitable for removing white patches as it also promotes better skin health. To start using it, warm pure almond oil gently. Apply some of the warm almond oil on your affected body parts then massage them for about thirty minutes prior to taking your shower. Put on a light moisturizer while your skin is still damp. Do this procedure once every day.
  5. Cabbage Juice – With the regular application of this juice over the affected parts of your skin, you can minimize the patches and prevent them from recurring. What you have to do is to prepare a few cabbage leaves then grind them. Extract their juices. Apply only the juice over the white patches then leave it on for around ten minutes to give your skin the chance to absorb it completely. You can do this several times a day.

Alternatively, you can boil cabbage leaves in water. Boiling time should take around fifteen minutes or more. Wash the affected parts of your skin with the boiled water with cabbage leaves.

With the 9 powerful remedies on how to get rid of white patches on skin mentioned in this article, you’ll be on your way towards solving the problem. Look for a remedy that is safe for you, so you can finally get rid of the problem and feel more confident with your clear, glowing, and healthy skin.

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    Thanks for the knowledge. I will choose one of the methods right now and start the treatment

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      Rosaline, best of luck to you and let us know if any of these treatments worked for your skin.


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