How to Get Rid of Dry Elbows and Knees

The elbows and knees are areas in the skin that most people usually do not take care of very well. This is why they tend to get really dry especially during the summer. Drying in these areas have been an insecurity for a lot of women, with some even avoiding to wear clothing that would expose their elbows and knees.

Most experts would point to extreme climate, strong chemicals, and too much exposure to rough surfaces as the reason for having dry elbows and knees. These parts do not have any oil glands, making them more dry compared to the other areas of your body.

In order to remedy your skin dryness problem, you must first be able to determine what has caused it. Is it a mild problem or a more serious one (like eczema)? If it is not a serious medical problem, then here are some ways to help you get rid of your dry elbows and knees.

  1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating your skin is an important step to keep it smooth and free from dirt. By using an exfoliating cream or scrubbing your skin, you reduce the amount of dead skin cells as well as improve your body’s blood circulation. Keep in mind that you must not be too harsh on your skin. Use a body scrub with gentle beads used to exfoliate, and massage your skin gently in circular motions.

Exfoliate your elbows and knees 2-3 times a week. Do not over exfoliate, because this might damage your skin and make it even dryer.

  1. Moisturize

Moisturizing your skin is an essential step that you must not skip from your everyday routine. Moisturize to keep your skin hydrated. This can be done by drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day to keep your skin healthy and glowing. But as you get older, drinking water would not be enough to keep moisture in your skin. Start applying moisturizing creams or oils, especially on your elbows and knees, since these areas dry quicker that the other parts of your body. Also, it would be best to pick a moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin from harsh UV rays that could cause dryness. Be sure to use a moisturizer that does not have any ingredients that could damage or clog your skin. As much as possible, use homemade natural ingredients so that you know what you put in your skin.

  1. Homemade Remedies

You can get rid of the dryness on your elbows and knees without having to purchase expensive products. Your kitchen or garden contains ingredients that you can apply onto your elbows and knees to help bring back their moisture and softness. Here are a few homemade remedies you can try:

Lemon or Potato Juice with Honey

These two ingredients have bleaching properties that remove dead skin cells and help even out your skin tone. Grab a slice of a potato or lemon and gently rub it on your elbows and knees. To help put some moisture to your skin, put a little bit of honey before rubbing the honey or potato.

Another way to use lemon juice for your elbows and knees would be to take 1/4th cup of the juice and putting cotton balls in it. Once the balls have been saturated, massage them onto your dry knees and elbows for about 10 minutes. Wash off the remaining juice and pat the areas dry.

Natural scrub

Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Sugar is an excellent natural exfoliator that eliminates dead skin cells that lead to roughness and dryness. Once they are removed, new cells form, making your skin softer and younger looking. To make the sugar scrub, all you have to do is mix together a tablespoon of honey and some sugar. Gently apply it on your elbows and knees by scrubbing it in circular motions. The tiny sugar beads will exfoliate your skin, and the honey will help moisturize it. Repeat this 2-3 times a week.

Olive oil and sea salt combined would also make a good body scrub. Mix these two ingredients together and apply it on your elbows and knees.

Lemon juice could also be made into a scrub, when mixed with salt or sugar. Apply it by gently scrubbing the mixture onto your elbows and knees.


Natural oils are great moisturizers because they can get into your skin easily, hydrating your skin from within. Elbows and knees do not have any oil glands, so you could massage the oils into your skin regularly. Use natural oils like olive, coconut, or almond. Leave them on your skin for it to absorb. No need to wash off the oils.

Loofah or Pumice Stone

Another way to exfoliate naturally is by using a loofah or a pumice stone. Gently scrub your elbows and knees in circular motions while taking a bath. Make sure that you do not rub your skin too much, because this would cause dryness and skin damage. Do this 2-3 times daily.

The most important thing you must remember is to take good care of your elbows and knees by regularly moisturizing them and exfoliating them once in a while. As much as possible, prevent leaning those areas on rough surfaces to prevent dryness and roughness. Be sure to keep those areas away from harsh products containing chemicals that would make your skin dry. Lastly keep them protected by using SPF and covering them if possible.

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  • Belinda Davis

    I like the way you learn new ways of do take care of your hair , and skin and helps me to get better of my hair and face I’m learning new way to take care of my hair and skin

    • admin

      I am so happy you are taking good care of your hair and skin. I love natural alternatives recipes myself and noticed a huge change when I started a weekly natural hair mask. My hair has never been better. It is def worth the effort, blessings to you and your skincare and beauty journey.


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