How to Choose the Best BB Cream for Your Skin and Use It

BB Cream or the blemish balm has now become a commonly used make up product. This is because it is a moisturizer, foundation, primer, concealer, and SPF, combined into one. Using BB creams could help shorten your make up routine and help you save up on a few products.

It used to be popular only in Asia, but now it is known and loved in most parts of the world. They are easy to use and are more convenient to bring around in your tiny bag. If you are new to using BB creams, here are a few tips to help you choose which one is best for your skin.

  1. Skin Type

Not all BB creams are compatible with all skin types. Different skin types have differing needs, and it is important that you know what your skin type is to avoid buying the wrong type of product.

If you have dry skin, you must look for a BB cream that has nourishing, moisturizing, and hydrating formulas. Try looking for those with humectants or ceramides in them in order to aid in the restoration of moisture on the skin.

If your skin is the oily type or if you have combination skin, find a BB cream that can regulate the oil on your skin. People who have this skin type find it difficult to get the perfect BB cream product for their skin, because their skin tends to have more shine later in the day. A mattifying or oil-free BB cream would be an excellent choice, giving your face the appearance of having less pores and a shine-free glow. Be sure to use matte or oil-free products on your face aside from BB creams, to ensure that you will remain less oily for the rest of the day.

If you have an acne-prone dry skin, look for hydrating BB creams with acne combatant properties. For acne-prone oily skin, choose oil-control products with antioxidants that could help with your skin breakouts.

  1. Shade

Picking the right shade is another important factor to consider when getting a BB cream. Be sure to get one that is closest to your complexion too give you a more natural look. BB creams provide a good amount of coverage and skin correction, but if you choose the wrong shade, you might end up looking funny.

Different brands offer different shades, and some have a wider range compared to others. Western brands provide more options especially for darker tones, while South Korean ones are lighter. However, every brand tries to constantly add newer tones in order to cater to varying customers.

  1. SPF

As said earlier, BB creams are a combination of a lot of products – on of it being SPF. This makes skin care even more convenient, so you do not need to apply sunscreen before putting on your make up.

Be sure to pick a BB cream that provides you with the SPF that you need. If you have fair skin, opt for BB creams that have higher SPF. SPF 15 or SPF 30 would be a decent amount of protection for your light complexion.

Never forget to look for SPF in BB creams, especially when you are not the type who regularly applies sun protection. Guarding your skin from the sun helps make it look younger and glowing.

  1. Age

BB creams should also be chosen based on your age. Younger people must use different products from older ones, because their skins have different needs.

If you belong to the 20s and 30s age group, look for lighter products that have thinner consistencies. They could be less moisturizing and could provide lesser coverage, but are easily absorbed by your firm and young skin giving you a dewy look. You must also choose products with lesser ingredients, because they could be too harsh on your skin and might cause it to wrinkle and dry.

If you are in your 40s or older, pick a BB cream product that gives you full coverage. You would also want to choose one with ant-aging properties to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin, and large pores. These products are usually thicker and provide more moisture to the skin. BB creams that contain Vitamin C and sun protection should be a go-to for people your age in order to give the appearance of a younger-looking skin and a youthful glow.

  1. Skin Characteristics
Skin Characteristics

Skin Characteristics

Asian skin are a lot different from that of Western skin, so it is best to pick products that would fit your skin’s characteristics. South Korean BB cream products, for instance, provide a much fuller coverage and have formulas that usually complement Asian skin types. Western BB creams are lighter, somewhat like tinted moisturizers, and are more compatible for Western skin characteristics.

Once you have found the right BB cream for your skin, applying it correctly would help give a better effect on your face.

One of the ways you can apply BB cream is through layering. During days when you do not need that much coverage, simply applying one layer would be enough. But when you want to build-up coverage, you can add a few more layers onto your skin to even out those blemished areas. BB creams could help smoothen and make your face look flawless.

When applying BB cream, use a makeup brush or a beauty blender. This helps you blend out the product more evenly and would give you a cleaner finish compared to when you use your fingers.

Keep in mind that it is important to be picky when choosing products for your face, because using the wrong one could damage your skin. Also, apply makeup products gently to prevent overstretching and leaving marks on your face.

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