What you need in Your Makeup Bag

If you wear makeup, you know how easy it is to end up with a bunch of stuff you have no use for. Sure it’s cool to tweet, Instagram, and Pin all of the fun makeup you have, but your wallet will cry for help if you don’t get it together this instant. Where are the women who only want what works in their makeup bags? If this is you stay tuned because I have the perfect advice!

Your skin type will ultimately determine what you need to look your best. The way your makeup goes on and how long it stays depends on how it meshes with your skin type. If you have dry skin, there is no way that an oil controlling product would work for you. Your skin will end up being even drier, and your makeup will appear cakey.

Wait, maybe we should scale back for a moment, do you know what your skin type is? Your skin type is determined by how much oil it contains. Oily skin contains too much oil while dry skin doesn’t contain enough. You’d know if your skin was oily, it will appear shiny, and your pores may be larger than normal. Those with dry skin may experience flakiness, cracked skin, and discomfort. Some people have combination skin, a mixture of oily and dry skin types. If your skin has the perfect amount of oil it is considered normal, which is the desirable skin type.

Although these skin types have nothing to do with oil content, there are certain products formulated for them. Those who are acne prone or sensitive should use product suitable for them, so they don’t enhance their concerns.

No matter what your skin type is, you should always have skincare products in your makeup bag. So in each category, there will also be skincare advice!

Makeup bag essentials


Makeup bag essentials

1. Cleanser: One of the most important steps you must take to maintain great skin is cleansing. You want to ensure your product is powerful enough to remove dirt, debris, and any excess oil that gets trapped in the pores. The best cleansers for oily and acneic skin include ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, charcoal, volcanic ash, or clay. Those with dry/sensitive skin shouldopt for hydrating cleansers that containessential oils and moisturizers like goat’s milk.

2. Treatment: If you are someone who experiences breakouts, blackheads, and whiteheads more frequently than most make sure your pores are clear of dirt, oil, and debris. Invest in a treatment product that helps attract these materials. A mask or skin peel would serve as the perfect treatment, look for ingredients like clay, sulfur, and alpha hydroxy acids to help balance your oily skin. Not only will these ingredients draw out impurities, but they can also help with pore size, textured skin, aging and uneven skin tone. Dry skin may benefit from serums containing super hydrators like hyaluronic acid. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to skip this step unless you have been prescribed treatment by your dermatologist.

3. Hydration:  So many people with oily skin are afraid to use moisturizer because they are afraid of looking too shiny. Ironicallythe reason you are producing so much oil is because your skin is dehydrated; when your skin lacks moisture, your glands try to compensate by producing oil. The best source of hydration for an oily skin type is oil because it will drive deep into the pores and hydrate from within. Dry skin will also benefit from using essential oils. Jojoba, olive, and vitamin e oil are sufficient moisturizers that also provide protection against acne and aging!

4. Foundation/Concealer: Powder foundations work best on oily skin, but this doesn’t mean they are your only option. If you like using liquid foundations try shopping for one with a water base. Oil-based liquids may work initially but throughout the day you may notice some shine; they are much better for someone with a dry skin type. Is your current foundation oil based and you want to use it all before buying a new one? No worries just place a translucent powder over it to take away the shine. Be sure your foundation doesn’t contain mineral or castor oil because they can clog your pores. Some companies providefoundation with acne medication infused into the formula that can help pump up your acne treatment. Check out how to apply foundation.

5. Blushes/Bronzers:If you have oily skin and want your blushes to last throughoutthe entire day you should be using powder. Cream blushes are great but since they contain oils, they are best fit for those who are dry. If you have sensitive skin that involves redness, try to avoid covering your cheeks when applying foundation. This advice may sound silly, but you will end up with a perfect canvas and natural blush!

6. Mascara/Eyeshadows/eyeliners: Maintaining the perfect eye look comes from using products that will work with your skin type. If you have oilyskin, you already know that mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner never stay where you put them so you may want to opt for waterproof products. Your eyelids produce the most oil compared to other places on the face, so it is smart to start with an eye primer. These products work just like paint primer; they help smooth the surface, properly adhere, and make colors more vibrant. Those with dry skin are safe using eye products that aren’t waterproof but if they want everything to stick using waterproof products is best. Learn to apply mascara like a pro

7. Lipstick/Lip-gloss: Although your lips may not be oily, the skin around them may be and can cause lip color to fade. Wearing a matte lipstick paired with a waterproof lip liner will ensure your lips look fabulous all day long. If your lips need moisture, apply Chapstick or a similar product beforeyou use matte colors because wearing lip-gloss will interfere with their longevity. Those with drier lips should use alipstick that is oil or cream based because matte formulas are very drying. If you like the matte look, you can add a gloss over it to ensure your lips are hydrated. Learn the best lipsticks for your lips.

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