How to get Rosy Red Cheeks

What if I told you that you could look younger and more refreshed in less than 5 minutes? It’s true! Adding a wash of color to your cheeks can make your face look more sculpted and add a healthy glow.

How to get spotless skin.

Using makeup is the most common way to get rosy red cheeks

Makeup is the most common way to get rosy red cheeks. There are many products that you can use on the cheek area although they aren’t marketed as such.

Blush is a godsend

Blush Makeup

Blush Makeup

Blush, also called “blusher” or “rouge” can get you rosy red cheeks in a flash. Blush comes in several forms:

  • Powder- Most people use powered blush to get rosy red cheeks. Powder blushes are normally sold in a compact with a mirror and sometimes a brush for easier application. It is recommended that you use a foundation or base as a primer, so your powder glides like silk. Powders are great for all skin types but may not stick to dry or dead skin. Those with dry or dead skin should remember to exfoliate the cheeks once per week. In order to ensure smooth application, using a powder blush a natural haired brush is recommended for application. Refrain from using a cotton pad or a sponge. Be sure to never rub your fingers on your powder blush, the oils that secrete from your fingertips can cause it to harden.
  • Crème- If you like an abundance of pigment, or need additional moisture then you may favor crème blush. The textures crème blush are available in range from fluffy and whipped to thick and creamy. Crème blush sticks to the skin without force, so a primer isn’t needed but is recommended for staying power. If you like to apply your makeup with a blush be sure it is manufactured with synthetic fibers, crème blush will make natural bristles sticky. Many women use their fingers to apply crème blush which is great since the heat from your body will aid in baking the color into your skin. Lipsticks can also be used as a crème blush.
  • Stain- If you want to wake up with rosy red cheeks without applying products day after day, try using a stain. The name stain implies exactly what it does, it stains your skin. Stains can be tough to apply because once it comes in contact with your skin it will stay. A natural brush works best for smooth application but be careful! Stains can also be used on the lips.

What’s in your makeup bag?

Try these home remedies to get rosy red cheeks

Makeup isn’t the only way to get rosy red cheeks. Women have been strolling through their neighborhoods for centuries with rosy red cheeks, long before cosmetics were even produced. Getting rosy red cheeks at home is easy, but may not last as long as makeup.

Massage the face

If you’ve never gotten a facial, then you’ve probably never experienced a facial massage. Facial massages are done more gently than body massages because the skin and bones of the face are much more delicate. Not only does massage help relax the muscles, it can also help increase circulation which is bound to deliver rosy red cheeks. As you massage your cheeks, watch your blood begin to flow the skin’s surface. For added benefits, try massaging your cheeks with an essential oil.

Try exfoliation

An exfoliating scrub is the best way to get rosy red cheeks naturally. If you scrub hard enough, your blood will begin to rise to the surface of your skin and give you a rosy red glow. Be sure not to scrub your skin too hard, over-exfoliating the skin can cause complications like:

  • Broken capillaries
  • Scars
  • Open wounds
  • Damage skin cells

If you have acne prone skin you may want to stay away from this method. If you happen to pop an active pimple, you could rub its bacteria over your skin and cause a larger breakout. Those with dry skin will benefit the most from exfoliation because it can help improve texture and remove dead skin.

If you don’t already have a body scrub in your plethora of beauty products, try combining these ingredients to make one; they should be in your kitchen:

  • Sugar and honey
  • Rice and yogurt
  • Brown sugar and olive oil
  • Oatmeal and shea butter
  • Coffee grounds and jojoba oil
  • Salt and olive oil

Splash a little water

You can have rosy red cheeks instantly if you splash warm water on them. Have you ever noticed that when your body temperature rises, your cheeks begin to turn red? This is due to increased blood flow. Be sure the water you are using isn’t too hot so you don’t injure your skin. Though your cheeks will be red and rosy, burning them can result in permanent scarring. Ironically, rubbing ice on your cheeks will reveal the same results.

Pinching will work

Remember when your grandmother would pinch your cheeks and they’d turn beet red? Well, you could use the same method to get rosy red cheeks. Gently grab your cheeks with your index finger and thumb then slightly twist. You are welcome to continue this motion until your cheeks are the desired amount of red. Pinching isn’t guaranteed to give you rosy red cheeks for an extended period of time but can be repeated several times per day. It may not be safe to use the pinching method for consecutive days in a row because it can cause broken capillaries (spider veins on the face).

To help maintain your rosy red cheeks adopt these essential health practices:

  • Eat the right foods. Fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals that can help add color to dull skin.
  • Increase your water intake to get rid of toxins that can negatively affect skin.
  • Stay active in order to keep your blood flowing.

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