How to Clean Your Sponge

The key to exceptional makeup application is using the right tools. If you have issues with applying foundation with an even and smooth finish, you may need to stop using your fingers. Using your hands to apply foundation isn’t the worse option but things could be much better if you’d just use a sponge. Clean your brushes at home.

Should I be using a makeup sponge?

If you don’t have any tools for applying foundation, then you may need a makeup sponge. Makeup brushes are also great, but sponges are much less expensive and simpler to use. Brushes often require a stroking technique which the average consumer isn’t aware of. Know what to keep in your makeup bag

There are many reasons why sponges are a superior makeup tool:

You won’t have to use your hands anymore if you invest in a sponge. Using your hands can be a pain because you often touch other things and get them dirty. With sponges, there will be no more foundation handprints on the counter, and you won’t compromise your stunning white dress.

You’ll use less product if you use a sponge. Every inch of your skin has the ability to absorb product so your hands can “drink” your makeup. Why waste product by smearing it withyourt fingers? If you opt for a sponge, a small amount of product will spread much further.

The application will be much smoother when using a sponge. The texture of a makeup sponge works to apply smooth and even layers. Even those who need heavy duty coverage will notice the seamless look sponges give. Using the sponge in a dabbing motion will provide full coverage over bumps and blemishes.

They are convenient. If you wanted to carry your makeup brushes along while traveling, it could require a brush cover or fancy bag to protect them. Sponges are very lowmaintenance, just pop them in your purse or under a compact and you’re good to go. Some sponges are even disposable, so you don’t have to worry about protecting them.

Learn to apply foundation

How to use a makeup sponge

makeup sponge

makeup sponge

If you’ve never used a makeup sponge, you might be wondering how they work. Sponges can be used for both liquid and powder makeup, some people even use them to apply skincare. There is no clear way to use these sponges, so I’ll go over a few of the possibilities.

Some people use their fingers to dab product across their faces then they use the sponge to blend. Others place their foundation on a piece of paper and dip their sponge into the foundation. Neither way is wrong but using paper will allow you to use less product since the paper won’t soak up much product.

If you are someone who suffers from blemishes, sponges are great for blending heavy concealers, so they mesh with the rest of your makeup. If you have severe acne or a large area to cover, using a sponge can prevent things from looking caked on.

Wetting your sponge before using it is optional but it could save you money. If you fill your sponge with water, it won’t need to soak up your foundation. You shouldn’t put too much water in your sponge because you don’t want water to drip down your face.

Why your sponge needs to be cleaned

No matter what you use to apply your makeup it needs to be cleaned. The main reason washing your sponge is important is because it will perform much better. Sponges that are full of old foundation may become hard and won’t blend as well. Letting theproduct sit inside of a sponge too long could also cause it to harden and rip from drying out.

Another apparent reason for cleaning your sponge is to eliminate any contaminants. Whether you like it or not, dirt, dry skin, and bacteria get caught in your sponge. If you have acne, the reason for it could be a dirty makeup sponge. Acne is caused by bacteria forming inside of the pores, so if you spread bacteria across your skin, acne may develop. Those who have acne should clean their sponges more frequently than others because acne-causing bacteria can spread and cause more acne.

Regardless, you don’t want to put anything on your face that hasn’t been washed in a while!

Washing your makeup sponge

If you have a disposabtle sponge, there is no need to clean it. You may be able to, but they aren’t made to be reused so they may just shred. Depending on the type of sponge you have, the company may manufacture a sponge cleaner that works well with their product. If you weren’t that lucky or have just run out of your wash, here is another way to clean your sponge:

  1. Grab your sponge and saturate it with water. There is no need to soak it because you’ll need to leave room for the soap. If you get too much water on your sponge, just ring it out.
  2. Grab a gentle cleanser such as a baby shampoo or dish soap. Dawn is known to be one of the mildest soaps so if you are unaware, give them a try.
  3. Make sure the soap gets throughout the entire sponge. An excellent way to do this is to repeatedly push down on it; you could also squeeze it like a stress ball.
  4. If you don’t see enough suds try adding a bit more water and go back to squeezing the sponge.
  5. If you notice any prominent stains manipulate that area a bit more.
  6. Use water to rinse the sponge but keep squeezing so all of the soap is removed.
  7. Let your sponge dry.

You should be cleaning your sponge every 1-2 weeks, depending on how much you use it. Those with acne should wash their sponge weekly to prevent future breakouts!

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