7 Ways to Apply Nail Polish Perfectly Like a Pro

Did you know that the average price for a manicure is around 25 dollars?If you get manicures once per week as recommended your bill at the end of each month would total over 100 dollars (assuming that you’ve also giving a tip). Polishing your nails may seem like a dreadful task but having an extra $1200 at the end of the year appears to be a huge reward. Don’t take this job too lightly it does take some skill, but after a little practice you’ll be a pro!

Nail kit

Nail kit

First, gather your materials. You will need:

  • Nail file
  • Nail buffer
  • Cuticle oil
  • Cuticle remover
  • Small brush
  • Lotion
  • Nail clippers
  • Basecoat
  • A nail color of your choice
  • Topcoat
  • Small bowl of warm water
  • Nail Polish Remover

Tips for your makeup bag

1.    Cleanse your nails

The first thing you should do when polishing your nails is to make sure they are clean. If you have anail polish from a previous manicure or any nail decals, they must be removed before painting your nails. You can paint over your old nail look, but it will compromise the new color you are applying and may also cause chipping.

Take a small amount of nail polish remover and swipe it across your nail until everything has been removed. Even if you aren’t wearing nail polish you shouldswipe your naked nail with polish remover to get rid of dirt, oil, and debris;this step is crucial for a long lasting nail look.

2.    File the nail to your desired shape

To apply nail polish like a pro you need to have nails that are uniform, so it is a excellent idea to file them. Filing your nails will smooth the tips that become rigid from biting and everyday labor. The most common nail shapes are square, round, or a combination of the two; some women now prefer pointy nails. If you want your hands to look more slender, a round or pointed shape will work best.

Be sure you invest in a nail file that is 180 grit or above otherwise you could damage your nails. The grit number determines how rough/strong your file will be. Those that are at abovean 180 grit should only be used on artificial nails. Be gentle when filing your nails, there is no need to apply pressure.

3.    Buff your nails

You’ll find that your nails are slightly grainy after shaping them, so now you must buff it away. A nail buffer helps smooth, clean and add shine to your nails. If you are someone who likes to keep things simple, you may want to purchase an all-in-one buffing block that includes instructions on filing and buffing. Not all buffers are used the same so be sure to pay attention to its directions. Since you will be adding polish, you don’t want to make your nails too shiny. A common mistake made when attempting to paint nails like a pro is over-buffing, you’ll end up with chipped nails after only a few days.

4.    Manage those cuticles

The cuticles are the “root” of the nail and to perform a professional polish job you must make sure they are presentable. To make them easier to remove, soak your fingers in a bowl of warm water for about 5 minutes. If your cuticles are dry, try adding a few drops of essential oil for additional hydration.

Clipping the cuticles may take a bit of practice so if you haven’t already tried this technique simplypush your cuticles back. Many companies make cuticle remover which is a lotion that softens the cuticles for a stress-free removal. Once you have completed this step, wash your hands to remove any cuticle debris or oil.

5.    Apply a base coat

Most people skip applying a base coat when painting their nails but if you want to polish like a pro this step is essential. The purpose of a basecoat is to protect your natural nail from the nail polish. Certain colors (especially the darker ones) can stain the nail and can eventually cause them to become yellow permanently. If you have dry, brittle, or rigid nails, there are specialty basecoats that can help with those issues.

6.    Pick an excellent color

The time to polish your nails like a pro has arrived, but first you need to select the appropriate color. The best way to choose a color for your nails is to look at your skin tone:

If you have fair skin, you should look for colors that are pale or pastel. Dark colors are suitable for those who like a vamp or Gothlook, but not all of them will give this result. It is best that those with fair skin stay away from golds and yellow, these colors can make your skin appear sallow.

Those with light or tanned skin should also stay away from gold, but only if they are made with loads of yellow. Golds that are too yellow blend in with your tone instead of shining brightly. If you must wear gold, wear metallic shades.

Those with dark skin tones can wear almost anything but may want to stray away from pastel shades. Unless you are someone who likes a heavy contrast, pale shades won’t tickle your fancy.

Once you have picked a color, inspect the consistency of the formula to make sure it isn’t sticky. If you attempt to paint your nails with sticky polish, it will skip and like completely unprofessional. When you’re sure the polish is in good condition, you should apply your first layer. Let the first layer dry completely before applying a second coat to prevent your polish from sliding from your nail.

If you’ve gotten a little polish on your skin,dip a thin brush into some nail polish remover and erase any unwanted spots!

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7.    Don’t forget your topcoat!

If you want your nail look to last as long as a professional polish job be sure to finish with a topcoat. The topcoat serves as a protectant so that your polish does not chip. A clear topcoat is the most popular formula, but companies also make others in matte and glitter finishes to jazz things up.

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