how to apply lip liner like a boss

How to Apply Lip Liner

“King Kylie” aka Kylie Jenner (one of the younger Kardashian sisters) has gotten everyone longing for the perfect pout. Since Kylie is an international superstar, she recently admitted to the press that she uses fillers that are injected by a medical professional. The fillers she gets help to volumize the lips, but the material eventually breaks down and is released from the body. If you don’t have enough disposable income to get your lips injected, you can use a lip liner to get the same effect, in fact, that is what Kylie did before she was brave enough to undergo the procedure.

Wait! Don’t run, your lips don’t have to be as exaggerated as hers, and that’s the beauty of lip liner; you can create a look that fits your desires.

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Applying your lip liner for various looks

You already know one of the main reasons women wear lip liner so let’s go a little more in-depth. If you take a close look at your lips, you’ll notice that where they end there is a faint lip line. To change the size of your lips, you will need to change where that lip line lies. Making your lips bigger means drawing your lip line a little further away than it is naturally. Those with bigger lips are also able make their lips look smaller by bringing the lip line in a bit. Don’t expect a seamless look simply by drawing on your face, you have to first prep the lip area.

Lip Liner Pencil

Lip Liner Pencil

To change the size of your lips, you’ll need:

  • Lip scrub
  • Lip balm
  • Concealer
  • Lip liner
  • Lipstick/Lipgloss
  • Bronzer (optional)
  • Highlighter (optional)

You’ve gathered your materials, now let’s get started:

  1. Splash a little water on your lips to cleanse them. Removing any dirt and debris will make exfoliating more effective.
  2. Take a small amount of lip scrub and begin to scrub the dead skin from your lips. If you are going to make your lips bigger, also get the skin around the lips so their texture’s match. If you don’t own a lip scrub, you can create one at home using two tablespoons of sugar, one tablespoon of honey and ½ a tablespoon of essential oil.
  3. Rinse the scrub clean, pat them dry, and grab your lip balm to add hydration. If you still have loose skin after scrubbing, try rubbing washcloth back and forth over the area of concern.
  4. Get a concealer that matches your skin color to cover your lips and the surrounding skin. This helps to create a blank canvas, so no one notices where your natural lip line falls. It may be smart to use a sponge so you can cover the nooks and crannies.
  5. Take the lip liner and map out your lip line, a great place to begin is at the bow of the lip. Make two dots where the bow peaks but be sure to make the dots a little higher than your natural lip line. Where you place these dots is where the highest point of your lips will be, so make sure they aren’t too far away from your natural lips.
  6. Now make two dots where you would like the corners to fall. Be sure the corners aren’t much lower than the bow because you’ll create a frown.
  7. Find the lowest point on your lips and make a dot there to extend your bottom lip.
  8. Connect the dots but be sure the lines resemble lip lines and are not too rounded or blunt.
  9. Fill in the negative space with your lipstick or gloss of choice.
  10. For the more advanced makeup artists, place a little bronzer in the center of the faux bow you created, it will create the illusion of a shadow. You can also place some at the bottom of your lip, so it looks like your chin dips in.
  11. Place a little highlighter on your chin to make it come forward and at the peaks of the bow.

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If your goal is to achieve smaller lips, follow these same instructions but, of course, you will be drawing on the lips instead of the skin.

Using lip liner for an exaggerated bow

For a sultry pout, you must have a noticeable bow. If your lip line is stick straight, or your bow is almost non-existent, you may benefit from this technique. Follow steps 1-5 from the last set of instructions and come back where you are done!

  1. Follow your natural line with the lip liner to make everything connect.
  2. Take your lipstick and fill in the negative space.
  3. To enhance your bow, place a little highlighter on the peaks and bronzer in the dip.

Elongate your lip line

Some people are born with short lips if you want to give the illusion of a bigger smile follow steps 1-4 in the first set of instructions. Once you are done continue with the steps listed here.

  1. Make two dots where the natural bow of your lips is. You will use this as a guideline to meet with the corners of your lips.
  2. Place two dots where you would like your corners to be. You want to place them right next to your natural corners.
  3. Connect the dots and draw over your entire lip line.
  4. Fill in the negative space with lipstick

There are other reasons to wear lip liner, including:

  • To create a straighter edge.
  • To make lipstick last longer.
  • To create an ombre effect.
  • To alter the color of a lipstick or gloss.

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