Best Ways to Remove Makeup

Today there are many women who can’t leave their houses without putting on their face. Makeup is and has been one of the best beauty enhancers ever, and with all of the new techniques, you could transform into an entirely new person. Whether you feel like you are in dire need of makeup, or only apply it for special occasions, it is imperative to know how to properly remove it.

If you are one of those women who sleep with their makeup on to refrain from being judged by your significant other, work on building your confidence; leaving your makeup on overnight is tainting your beauty. Your skin is covered with small openings called pores, and although you may not be able to see them with the naked eye, they are large enough for makeup to seep through them. Once enough makeup has slid in your pores they will begin to clog, and you could fall victim to an infection.

Acne is one of the most frequent infections brought on by improper removal of makeup. Ironically many people will use makeup to cover their acne, which in turn can make things worse.  Most acne-causing bacteria will die if they come in contact with oxygen but if enough materials get impacted oxygen is halted, and inflammation begins to occur. You could get rid of and prevent acne from forming if you can make it a habit to remove your makeup daily, there are several routes you can take.

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These items may not be advertised as a makeup remover, but they’ll work

Baby wipes

Did you know that you could stop purchasing expensive makeup wipes and just use baby wipes? It’s true, baby wipes work great to remove makeup and are gentle enough to use on those with sensitive skin. This dual purpose product can eliminate foundation, liner, shadow, and even pesky glitter.

If you wear loads of waterproof mascara, you may need to use another method to remove it, but some brands will be tough enough. If you are buying wipes to use on your eyes, never get a scented package of baby wipes because the fragrance may burn your eyes.


If you’re old school, you know that Vaseline seems to be the remedy for dozens of concerns, including makeup removal. Vaseline can be used to remove makeup across the entire face, but it works best on the eyes. The Vaseline formula contains ingredients that could clog your pores if used over an extensive amount of time which is why it isn’t the best all-over.

Those who wear waterproof eyeliners and mascaras will love Vaseline, simply splash your face with water, and rub a bit over your eye makeup. Be sure not to apply too much product, if Vaseline gets in your eyes, it could leave a film that is almost impossible to remove. Once your makeup loosens, you are welcome to rinse it down the drain!


Are you constantly on the go but often forget to bring your makeup remover? If you’re as attached to your Chap Stick as the rest of us are, you may be elated to discover new ways to use it. ChapStick is another excellent remedy for those who love eye makeup. Just swipe a stick over your eye look, let it sit and wipe it away with a cotton ball. You may need to repeat this if everything isn’t removed, but this method is very useful. Ensure you don’t damage your eyes by using a mint flavored ChapStick, the ingredient used to create it could burn your eyes.

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You could always buy a makeup remover

Makeup Remover

Makeup Remover

There are dozens of makeup removers on the market, so which one is the best for you? Don’t worry, I’ll help; let’s explore the three most common makeup removers.

Oil-based removers

If you have a dry skin type or wear waterproof makeup, oil-based removers are best for you. You can easily spot an oil-based remover on the shelf because the formula will be separated. The oils help loosen up makeup that is too tough to remove with water, but since they have the ability to seep into your pores they also add hydration. Oil-based removers have a huge rep for leaving a film so be sure not to get any into your eye.

Water-based removers

Water-based makeup removers also have the ability to remove waterproof makeup, but it may require more labor. These removers are great for those who regularly travel because there is often no water needed for them to perform. Many makeup removing lotions are water-based.

Makeup pads/wipes

Pads and wipes are one of the most convenient forms of makeup remover. They are available in both oil and water based, but it depends on the brand you choose. Using these products is simple, just remove a wipe/pad from the package and begin to wipe away your makeup.


If you aren’t satisfied with the methods listed here are a few more ways to get rid of your makeup:

  • Honey and Baking soda mix
  • Steam
  • Olive Oil
  • Milk
  • Baby lotion
  • Baby oil

Once you’ve removed your makeup, don’t think you are done washing your face. Makeup removal is just the first step in maintaining stellar skin, and you need to cleanse. Cleansing involves using a face wash suited for your skin type. These products have the ability to drive into the pores and give them a deep clean. Keep in mind, if you skip cleansing you are leaving makeup in your pores! An excellent way to test if you have cleansed properly is to go over your face with an additional makeup wipe, if you still see makeup stains, you should wash until they cease.

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