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Best Lipsticks to Buy for Perfect Lips

The first sign of makeup dates all the way back to ancient times. Women would use vegetables and berries to add color to their lips and eyes. At first makeup was a cultural thing that had either a status or religious meaning, people all over the world had their own designs and techniques that set them apart. After a while makeup became a part of daily hygiene, although it is still sometimes used to display religion. The modern methods used to apply makeup can take hours which most of us don’t have to spend. If you want to wear makeup but aren’t willing to spend the time on a full face, begin with a cute lipstick. Enhancing the lips and throwing on a little mascara can give off the illusion that you actually spent time on your makeup. How to take care of your lips.

There are different types of lipsticks

A lot of women have one lipstick they always wear that seems to go with anything. This isn’t a huge issue but wearing different lipsticks can give you a variety of looks. Choosing a new lipstick can be tough because there are so many on the market but let’s begin by looking at the different types of lipstick.

types of lipsticks

types of lipsticks

Matte lipsticks

If you are someone who likes a long-lasting lip product, then opt for a matte finish. Matte gives the lip the same finish as a chalkboard meaning it doesn’t have shine. Many times it is the gloss that makes your lipstick wear away so without it, your product will last longer. Matte products are dry, so they aren’t recommended for people who suffer from dehydrated lips. If you absolutely need a matte finish, you can combat dryness by applying Chap Stick before your lipstick. Most matte lipsticks give a very vibrant color so if you were just looking for a tint do not purchase a matte lipstick.

Creamy lipsticks

Those with dryer skin on the lips will love the silky feeling of creamy lipsticks. These lipsticks are often created with butters and oils that will help provide your skin with hydration.They glide on very smoothly so they may need to be paired with a lip liner for a more precise look. Be careful because creamy lipstick may wear away after eating and drinking, you should carry the stick around for touchups. This texture typically provides intense color.

Glossy lipsticks

Some lipsticks have more shine than color for those who only want a hint. When regularlipgloss wearers are introduced to glossylipsticks, they fall in love because they provide shine without the goopy texture. The shine in glossy lipsticks typically come from essential oils. You may need to reapply your lipstick frequently throughout the day, but your lips will be efficiently hydrated.


The longest lasting lipsticks are called tints. Tints come in all types of packaging, they may come in a stick, tube, pot, and sometimes they look like markers. Not too many people use stains because you have to be careful when applying it. Stains work by literally staining the skin just like the red dye from a Popsicle. Not all stains have dense pigment so that you are able to build to your desired color. Tints don’t normally have a finish, but you can apply glosses over them. Some stains are formulated to last for days, so you don’t have to reapply them.

Pencil lipsticks

If you love to be precise but don’t like a plethora of steps, try using a pencil lipstick. These lip products look like chubby pencils and are sharpened to a point so it can also serve as a lip liner. If you don’t want to carry around a pencil sharpener purchase one that rolls up, some even have built-insharpeners! These pencils come in glossy, matte, and even glitterfinishes, but it all depends on the brand.

Liquid Lipstick

Liquid lipsticks are unique because they go on creamy and dry with a matte finish. These lipsticks typically last longer than a traditional matte one, but not as long as a stain. The application can get messy so practice if this is your first time using liquid lipstick.

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Choosing the right color lipstick for the perfect lips

Wearing lipstick isn’t enough; it has to be the perfect lipstick. The color of your lips can make or break your look, so it is important to choose the right one.

Understanding undertone

Before you see actual colors you want to try noticing undertone. The undertone is the underlying tone that the lipstick was made with. For example people love to compare red lipsticks, some have an orange undertone, and others are made with a blue undertone. The key to finding the right undertone is looking at the tone of your skin. If you have a cool undertone, you should opt for a lipstick with a warm undertone, and vice versa.

Skintone also matters

Your skintone should compliment your lipstick, it needs to look like it was made for you. When picking a lipstick, you don’t want to have too much contrast so be careful. For example, someone with an extremelydarkskintone shouldn’t wear lightly colored nudes or pastels. Instead opt for dark tones and try using different browns for a custom nude.

Top lipstick brands

Thinking about investing in a new lipstick? Here is a quick guide on the best brands!

Low-priced Moderately Priced Expensive
NYX MAC Yves Saint Laurent
Revlon Clinique Laura Mercier
N.Y.C. Sephora NARS
Cover Girl Bite Beauty Make Up For Ever
Maybelline Kat Von D Lancôme
Color Pop Lime Crime Dior


Lipstick isn’t the only thing you need for perfect lips, you should also have:

  • Lip liners for precision.
  • A lip scrub to ensure your lips are smooth.
  • A lip primer to make your lipstick last all day.
  • A lip moisturizer with SPF tohydrate and protect them from the sun.
  • Glitter to help accent your lips if needed.

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