12 Ways to Apply Mascara like a Pro

Finding the right mascara

There are thousands of mascaras on the market and the way you want your lashes to end up will determine which one you purchase. First, you must look at what you are beginning with; see the length and volume of your lashes. Should they be longer? Thicker? More curly? Or overall more dramatic? These are the questions that will lead you to the right mascara.

If you want thicker lashes, you need a heavy formula and a thick brush. To get loads of mascara onto your wand, it must have a ton of bristles to cling to it. Since you want thicker lashes, chances are you’re going to apply lots of product. To ensure all of your mascara stays on your lashes, and not on your lids, use a waterproof formula. Also, be sure to apply thickening mascara using techniques that will prevent clumping.

If you want lashes that are longer, you need a lengthening mascara. These formulas are usually made with polymers that stretch beyond the length of your normal lashes. The brushes can vary in thickness, but those equipped with plastic bristles will ensure each lash is separated. Some brands make fiber mascaras. These mascaras contain specialized fibers that cling to the ends of your lashes making them look longer. If you wear contacts, this may not be the best idea because the fibers may get into your eyes.

If you want your lashes to be more prominent, try curling them. Curled lashes can give you that doe-eyed look everyone longs for. Mascaras that aid in curling, are often waterproof so that your curl lasts longer. Most curling mascaras also have a curved wand that allows you to press against your lashes and enhance their shape.

For a more natural look use a thinner formula. Your brush should be made of rubber, so your formula doesn’t stick.

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Mascara hacks



Applying mascara like a pro may mean stepping outside of the box. This information may not be on your package but can make your experience so much better!

1. Bend your mascara brushes so that they appear horizontal instead of vertical. Applying mascara this way ensures that you can reach the base of your lashes. Sweeping the formula from root to the end will allow lashes to be more separated and will help with length. A horizontal mascara wand also gives you the power to reach your bottom lashes more quickly.

2. Mascara primers exist. These products go on before your mascara. They can help protect your lashes from drying out, provide essential nutrients, lengthen and thicken lashes.

3. When you apply mascara, you probably just sweep up and pull the wand through your lashes. While this works, there is a way to ensure your lashes are separated. Have you ever seen a mascara with a vibrating wand? These rods were built for better separation; the vibrations help push through the lashes. You don’t have to go as far as investing in a vibrating mascara if you have an issue with clumping, just wiggle your hand while applying mascara; this will also help hold your curl longer!

4. There are specialty mascaras for your bottom lashes, those who wear contacts, and those with smaller or rounded eye shapes. Investing in one of them will make your life easier if you have one of those concerns.

5. If your formula is dry try adding a little saline solution to extend its use.

6. Another way to combat clumping is to remove any excess mascara from the brush. As a mascara ages, the formula may harbor on the brush. To solve this problem, take a piece of tissue and wipe the extra mascara away before applying it. Be sure to use paper that is durable, you don’t want pieces of tissue in your mascara formula.

7. Apply the formula over the entire lash, not just the bottom, this will make your lashes appear thicker.

8. If your mascara is getting old, it may become sticky. If you don’t want to go out and buy a new product just yet, soak your tube in some hot water to help thin out your formula and make it easier to apply.

9. Are you sick of ruining your entire look by getting mascara on your eyelids and under eyes? Try placing a spoon under the lashes so if you slip, your mascara will hit the spoon! A spoon can also be used to curl your lashes, just put it between your lashes and thumb and then pull up!

10. If you struggle with building volume, try placing a powder on your lashes before applying mascara. When you use mascara, it will cover both your hair and the powder causing your lashes to look thicker. Be sure not to use too much powder otherwise you’ll end up with clumps. Using a fan brush to apply it will prevent you from applying too much product. The best powder to use will be very finely ground and translucent.

11. Save your old mascara wands and use them to brush through your lashes and remove clumps. Be sure to wash them and store them in a bag or sealed container.

12. Try adding a thin line at the base of your lashes to make them look thicker. You won’t need eyeliner, just dip a liner brush into your mascara and go!

Or try dyeing your eyelashes!

Mascara don’ts

  • Mascara is only good for about three months and should be discarded after that. After three months, your formula contains a ton of bacteria, and you could give yourself an eye infection.
  • Try not to pump the mascara wand in and out the tube. Many people do this to get more of the formula on the brush, but you’re just letting air in which can dry out your formula before it is time.
  • Always curl your lashes before applying mascara otherwise your lashes could break.
  • Never apply too many coats, your lashes will stick together even after you’ve separated them.

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