How to Get Rid of Itchy Eyes

Having itchy eyes is no fun, especially if you have a long day ahead of you. When your eyes itch, they often become red, watery, and your vision may blur, so it is important to ease the itch.

Why are your Eyes so Irritated?

I’m sure there are times when your eyes feel normal, so what makes them tick? Finding the catalyst for your itchy eyes is the key to choosing the correct treatment. If you decide to visit a doctor, you may be diagnosed with Ocular Pruritus, the medical term for itchy eyes. Having itchy eyes is a small issue, but the symptoms have the ability to interrupt your life.

So what causes this anomaly? Let’s go over the main causes of your annoying problem:

Allergies- Your body may change with the seasons. Most people endure allergy symptoms like coughing and runny nose while others suffer from itchy eyes. Pollen and other plant matter float through the air and cause major irritation.

Contact dermato blepharitis– If you’ve never gotten an allergy test to distinguish what you are allergic to you should get on it immediately. Certain substances may cause itchy eyes even after coming in contact with a very small amount, so it is important to be cautious. Developing an allergy to a new substance is possible by simply coming in repeated contact with it, so pay close attention to the ingredients you work with on a daily basis.

Dry eyes/ Meibomian Gland Dysfunction– When the eyes are lubricated they can start to hurt, burn, and of course, itch. Dry eyes occur when the eyes don’t receive enough hydration, this could be caused by medication, medical issues, or by avoiding blinking. This reason is one of the most common catalysts for itchy eyes.

Conjunctivitis- I am sure you’ve heard of the dreaded Pink Eye. It was one of the infections your mother warned you about contracting from your classmates. This illness can cause the eyeball and eyelid to become puffy, red, and itchy.

Using new products- For some, trying new personal care products can be risky. If you have sensitive eyes/skin, certain ingredients could make you itch. On another note, be sure to keep your cosmetics (including makeup brushes) sanitized, so bacteria don’t fester and cause an infection.

Blepharitis-This condition causes an inflamed eyelid; that isn’t fun for anyone. You may also suffer from dry eyes because Blepharitis can interrupt tear production.

Certain Skin Disorders- Disorders like psoriasis and eczema can affect more than the skin, it could also appear on the nails and eyes. Depending on the disorder, your eyelids could become dry, inflamed, and flakey.

Although itchy eyes is typically a mild issue, if you notice any of these symptoms, you should get professionally diagnosed.

  • Scaly eyelids
  • Lid thickening
  • Excessive eyelid crust
  • Swollen gland
  • Foamy tears
  • Acne-like lesions around the eye area
  • Discharge/Mucus coming from the eyes

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Stop the Itch Naturally

Visiting the doctor can be expensive, so try treating itchy eyes yourself (If symptoms aren’t too serious). There are tons of home remedies you can try but keep in mind that they may take longer to be effective.

1. Avoid using any new products- If you’ve just invested in a new skincare or cosmetic line, run to the store and return your items. Introducing the body to new ingredients can cause a reaction and continuing to use them can be harmful. Once you have found the root of your issue, you can continue using your products as long as they were not the source.



2. Make a cool compress- Cold water helps to soothe inflamed areas so placing a cool towel/compress over the area of concern may help. To create a compress, saturate your towel with cool water and ring it out. Lavender oil is great to mix with your water due to its calming properties, that is unless you are allergic.

3. Stay away from all allergens- It may be tough to completely avoid all substances that cause allergies but you can find ways to reduce them. Invest in a great air filter so that dust and other particles are removed from your air. If you work in an office, purchase a desktop-sized filter to continue your treatment outside of your home. Also, be sure to open your windows for at least 30 minutes per day, so you receive a cycle of fresh air. If you are allergic to certain foods, avoid eating them, even if they are delicious.

4. Moisturize dry skin– Those who have irritated eyelids should invest in a hydrating eye cream. Since your skin is already inflamed, it is ideal to purchase the most basic cream, so you don’t come in contact with any triggers.

5. Keep the eye area clean- You want to ensure that your eyes don’t get infected so keep the area clean. Those who are experiencing crusting or discharge be sure to remove every bit (Q-tips will be your best friend), you should also carry a mirror with you so you can periodically check your face.

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You could visit a Physician to Get Rid of Itchy Eyes

Going to the doctor’s office means having numerous treatments at your disposal. Here are a few solutions you should expect your doctor to mention during your visit.

Corticosteroids- Steroid hormones that can help heal infection and soothe inflammation.

Artificial Tears- Dry eyes are longing for moisture and tears are the perfect way to add lubrication.

Punctual Plugs- To prevent your tears from draining, you might have to get tear duct plugs. The plugs block the duct allowing your tears to build in the eye.

Antihistamines- A fancy word for allergy medication, you can try over the counter products first if they are more economical.

Itchy eyes could be a thing of the past if you take action. Once you locate your trigger, it will be simple to treat your symptoms. Itchy eyes could be a thing of the past if you take action. Once you locate your trigger it will be simple to treat your symptoms.

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    Really these are the best solutions for eye problems. My eyes have been itching me for more than a month. I used cold compress and I got an instant relief after trying it. Thanks for sharing.


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