5 Tips for Dry Skin on your Face

Having dry facial skin can be frustrating for some people, especially if they have already used almost all lotions, oils, and creams for extra-dry skin but without getting any results. If your skin still looks flaky and dry even after trying so many products, then it’s time to change the way you deal with it.

Keep in mind that treating dry skin on your face requires multiple steps, involving the implementation of some changes on the way you moisturize, exfoliate, wash, and take care of it. With the help of the simple yet highly effective tips below, you’ll be on your way towards conquering the problem and bringing out a more vibrant, healthier, and brighter skin than before.

  1. Wash your face with water only – Avoid committing the mistake of others, which involves washing their face using harsh cleaners. If you have dry skin on your face, then there is a great chance that it produces less oil than normal, which is supposed to be useful in preventing it from flaking off.

    The use of harsh cleansers might only cause the oils produced to be washed off, thereby worsening the problem. So instead of using harsh cleansers or any kind of soap, wash your face with plain water only. Make sure to use warm water, not hot, as the latter can trigger further dryness and flaking.

    Also, take note that even those cleansers with moisturizing properties have ingredients that cause dryness. That said, check the label of any facial cleanser you plan to use. If there is sulfate, salicylic acid, or any kind of alcohol in its list of ingredients, then avoid using it.

  2. Avoid hot showers – While a steamy hot shower feels good from time to time, keep in mind that it’s not good for you if you have dry skin. One reason is that hot showers have the tendency of stripping off the natural oil barrier from your body. Such barrier is crucial in trapping moisture while keeping your skin smooth and well-moisturized.

    So lower the temperature of the water you use for your next showers. Avoid lingering in the shower for too long as well. A wise tip is to take only short, warm baths or showers – preferably up to five to ten minutes only. Pat your skin dry and apply a gentle moisturizer on your face.

  3. Exfoliate regularly – Do the exfoliation several times every week. Note that dry skin actually results from the buildup of skin cells that are starting to slough off. With the aid of exfoliation, you can remove this layer of dry and dead skin cells, thereby revealing a healthy and fresh skin.

    One way to exfoliate your skin is to create a scrub by combining one teaspoon of ground oatmeal and one tablespoon of honey. Rub the scrub gently over your face, particularly on those areas affected by dryness. Rinse your face with water afterward.

    If your dry facial skin is severe that a simple scrub can’t seem to handle it, then use glycolic acid. Taken from sugar or fruit, you can expect this acid to work effectively in exfoliating dead skin cells. Furthermore, it strengthens your skin. Avoid scrubbing your skin with a cloth or brush as doing such might only weaken or damage it even further.

  4. Use gentle cleansers – Use a gentle soap when washing or cleansing your face. The soap should also be fragrance-free. Also, keep in mind that skin cleansing products with anti-bacterial additives and deodorants are harsh on the skin so be extra careful.

    If possible, go for a cleanser with ceramides as these fatty molecules can make up your skin’s outer barrier. With the help of ceramides, your facial skin will find it easier to retain moisture. You can find plenty of gentle skin care products that use synthetic ceramides as a means of replacing those that you may have lost as you age.

    Aside from that, ensure that you take extra caution when choosing peels, astringents, and toners. Choose those that don’t contain alcohol as this is very drying. When exfoliating your skin, avoid scrubbing too hard or too much as doing so might thicken your skin and cause irritation.

  5. Use some natural home remedies – You can also find plenty of solutions for dry skin on the face at the comforts of your own home. Some remedies that can battle skin dryness are the following:
  • Olive Oil

    Olive Oil

    Olive oil – Rich in healthy fatty acids and antioxidants, olive oil is definitely good for your skin. It soothes and conditions your skin, thereby treating dryness. To use the oil, just dab a thin layer of it under the facial moisturizer you regularly use.

    You can also create a scrub out of olive oil. Just combine a tablespoon of honey, four tablespoons fine brown sugar, and two tablespoons of the oil. Once properly mixed, you can rub this natural scrub on your dry facial skin. Do this for a few minutes before taking a shower and applying a gentle moisturizer.

  • Milk – With the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of milk, you can expect it to work in relieving itchy and dry facial skin. It also contains lactic acid, which works in exfoliating dead skin cells while also boosting its ability to retain moisture. It also has skin-lightening properties.

    To use cold milk, soak a washcloth in it. Put on the cloth on your face and let it stay there for 5-7 minutes. Use another cloth that you soaked in lukewarm water to remove the milk from your face. This works as a natural moisturizer, which you can safely do every day.

Dry facial skin is treatable. All it takes is to provide it with the care that it needs. With the right remedies, it’s possible for you to protect your facial skin and keep it fully moisturized.

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    It is a problem that mostly occurs in winter. You have given a good list of avoiding it. I am very much prone to it. will surely use your techniques.


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