Natural Home Remedies for Acne Scars on the Face

As if having acne isn’t complicated enough your pimples seem to be leaving a legacy upon your skin. Acne scars are a result of old acne that has healed but left a bit of discoloration. Whether you have a single acne scar or a dozen, acne scars are no fun which is why it is imperative to know how to get rid of them.

There are many ways to help clear acne scars but a number of them involve the use chemicals that can irritate the skin. If you’re not into using lighteners and bleaches, you may want to remove acne scars the natural way.

Essential oils will help get rid of acne scars on the face

Essential oils have been used for healing over thousands of years which is why it is such a trusted method. They can be used in one of three ways:

  • They can be added to a current skin care product you use.
  • Essential oils can be applied (Be cautious because some oils should be diluted before it touches your skin).
  • They can be added to a cold compress formula.

Olive oil can save the day

Using an oil to help get rid of acne scars on the face may not sound like a good idea but can be very effective. Most people with acne-prone skin are also very oily and if you remember the basic chemistry theory “like dissolves like” you know adding oil will add hydration but will not cause excess oil to build. Since olive oil helps hydrate the skin there is no need for your skin to secrete its oils.

Olive oil has many benefits:

  1. It is an antioxidant. An antioxidant helps to protect the skin from environmental damage. Free radicals float through the air looking for healthy skin cells to feed on. Once a free radical comes into contact with a healthy skin cell, it kills it and begins to multiply. Without free radical protection, your DNA can become damaged, and cancer can form. Antioxidants are great for acne scars because it protects them from getting worse. Antioxidants also provide a bit of sun protection so you will be at a smaller risk for sunburn (which makes acne scars worse).
  2. It is anti-bacterial which means theolive oil will stop new acne from forming. If you attack acne at an early stage, it is less likely to leave a scar.
  3. It is anti-inflammatory. Most of the time before acne scars live acne it becomes irritated. The anti-inflammatory properties ofolive oil can help soothe the skin.

Just a little Tea tree should do the trick

Tea tree is well known for its anti-bacterial properties. To completely get rid of acne scars clearing the skin of all bacteria will stop new pop-ups from happening. Tea tree oil also has exfoliating properties, and overtime will relieve the skin from acne scars.

Lavender can help get rid of acne scars

Known for its ability to calm and soothe the skin, lavender can help relieve the skin of acne scars. Lavender also has potent wound healing properties that will also affectthem.

Let these foods relieve skin from acne scars

Your skin can reveal what you’ve eaten so it is important to eat foods that can help get rid of acne scars. Foods that get rid of acne scars have both brightening and exfoliating properties.

Oh’ honey, honey!



Honey is both anti-bacterial and contains antioxidants that will help relieve your skin of acne scars. For a more intense treatment mix in a bit of lemon juice, the citric acid will help to exfoliate your skin.

Strawberries are loaded with an essential ingredient

Did you know strawberries contain salicylic acid? If you’ve experienced a breakout at any point in your life you know this ingredient is one of the best for acne. Salicylic acid helps to clear bacteria and exfoliate thedead skin to clear existing acne and acne scars.

Does lemon juice fix everything?

Just like strawberries, lemons are also loaded with acid. Lemons have citric acid that helps to exfoliate just like salicylic. Citric acid also had brightening properties that will help to promote a more even skin tone.

Why not just prevent acne scars?

You wouldn’t have acne scars if you could just prevent acne from forming, so it is important to take close care of your skin. If you follow a skincare routine consisting of the right steps and ingredients for your skin type, you can avoid acne (unless it’s a genetic issue).

If you already have acne, there are a few things you should do to make sure you aren’t left with a scar.

Don’t pick at your pimples

If new acne is still forming on your skin, it is crucial to not pick at them. Primarily your hands are covered in bacteria that will only make blemishes reappear. Applying pressure to a blemish the wrong way can cause irritation, skin can become swollen, red and sometimes painful. It is possible for a pimple to burst below the surface of your skin if this happens the bacteria will spread causing additional blemishes. Many people who suffer from acne scars had a habit of picking at their acne; the skin is a self-healing organ it doesn’t need your help! Learn how to properly pop a pimple.

Protect your skin from the sun

When attempting to rid the skin of any discoloration the sun is a major factor. Staying inside during the day doesn’t exempt you from practicing sun protection rituals. UVB rays, the ones responsible for sunburn, can pierce through clouds, glass and may other surfaces and make scars worse.

Wear sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or above to ensure your skin is safe. If you plan to stay in direct sunlight apply two layers of sunscreen and reapply every 2 hours.

In order to get rid of acne scars, you must be consistent with your skin lightening routine or it will not be effective. Discoloration is one of the hardest things to get rid of which is why it is on the list of top 5 beauty concerns.

Learn how to get rid of blemishes fast.

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