How to Tighten Loose Facial Skin

Who doesn’t want to be forever young, or, at least, look the part? Maintaining your youth predominately depends on keeping up with routine care, so skin stays radiant, firm, and supple. Unfortunately, some of us didn’t get that memo, or it arrived a little too late so loose, sagging skin has made its debut.

Here’s what Happened to your Face

We are born with the most immaculate skin, but as we age it begins to lose its character. One of the biggest factors in aging skin is ultraviolet light, UV rays reach the earth from the sun and can penetrate the skin. The sun can produce fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation and surprisingly, most of your sun damage occurs before you can hit age 20. It takes years to see the results of this damage so you may not notice until much later (in your 40’s). UVA rays affect the levels of collagen and elastin in your skin. Collagen helps to plump the skin while elastin keeps it firm; without these two ingredients skin becomes loose and saggy.

For those who did a great job hiding from the sun, you may be losing estrogen. Once you hit about age 40, your hormone levels decrease and when this happens you’ll lose firmness and elasticity. If your loose skin is caused by hormone depletion, you may want to consider hormone replacement therapy because it could cause a load of other issues.

You could be the reason your skin sags, unhealthy habits like drinking, smoking, and not getting enough sleep are all advocates for damaged skin. Certain medications or illnesses may also cause loose skin if you are unsure if this applies to you, speak with your doctor before looking for a treatment.

You Could Take the Easy Route

In the past, going under the knife was a well-kept secret among the rich and famous. For a while we gave credit to doctor and celebrity endorsed skin products said to be used by the world’s most beautiful people. Fortunately, we have been told the real deal and are now comfortable with plastic surgery. Undergoing a medical procedure can be risky but it is the quickest way to tighten loose facial skin.

1. The Facelift

If it’s much too late to turn back the clock naturally, consider getting a facelift. During this procedure, your facial skin will be pulled back and trimmed so that it is tighter than before. I know it sounds scary, but surgeons perform this procedure on a regular basis these days. If you opt for a facelift, be prepared for a lengthy recovery period!

 2. Injections

If you aren’t frightened by needles, try injecting your face to tighten loose facial skin. There are three main types of shots that can help make skin appear younger in a flash.

  • Fillers


    Botox has become very common over the years. This medication works by relaxing the facial muscles, so skin isn’t pulled when you make an expression.

  • Fillers typically made from silicone are placed underneath the skin to take up the extra space. Fillers are not permanent, so you will have to visit again for a touch-up.
  • The doctor can take fat from one place in your body and put it in another; this is called fat grafting. Try having him/her take a little fat from your waistline and inject it into your face. This option tends to look the most natural since it utilizes your own fat cells.

Injections are awesome for someone who wants quick results without a lengthy recovery time. There may be mild pain at the injection site, but that will subside. Schedule a consultation with your doctor to see if injections are right for you.

These Hacks Take a Bit More Commitment

Although medical procedures are effective they can be costly. There are a ton of other ways to get rid of loose skin on the face, but they won’t yield results as fast as surgery and may seem laborious.

Add Value to your Skincare Routine

If you don’t have a skincare routine, it is obvious why you have loose skin. Everyone should have a cleanser and hydrator to remove unwanted dirt and replenish the skin with hydration. These two steps alone can help prevent issues like large pores, acne, dry skin, rough texture, dullness, and wrinkles.

For those who have already adopted a skin care ritual, you may need to pump up the volume by adding more quality products. Quality doesn’t necessarily mean spending more money; it is more important to spot key ingredients that are stellar at tightening loose skin. Lost on which ingredients work best? Here’s a guide you can use as a reference.

3. Retinol- This ingredient is derived from vitamin A. It works by speeding up your cell turnover rate so that you produce new skin cells faster. Retinol is also an antioxidant so it will help preserve the collagen and elastin that free radicals love to deplete.

4. Caffeine- If you’ve ever looked into cellulite creams, you’ll notice that many of them include caffeine. This option is more of a temporary fix but when combined with other ingredients can contribute to long-term results.

5. Acid- Putting acid on your skin may sound unpleasant but at the right strength, it could help tighten your loose facial skin. Food/Plant acids are typically used on the skin, glycolic comes from sugar cane, lactic comes from milk, and salicylic from willow bark. Facial peels include these acids because they help dissolve dead skin, clear the pores and increase cell turnover.

Checkout some age-defying techniques.

6. A Workout for your Face

When you want a tighter body you turn to exercise, so why not do the same for your face? It may sound silly, but there are facial exercises you can do that help tighten the skin. Remember, as long as there is a muscle present, it can be strengthened! Here is a quick video of some effective moves to tighten loose skin on the face:

What are you waiting for? That loose skin isn’t going to snap back on its own!

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