How to Remove Dark Spots from the Face Naturally

Having a skin tone that is free from discoloration is something everyone longs for. If you have areas that are darker you aren’t alone, barely anyone is the same shade from head to toe.

Dark spots come in many different forms:

Liver spots are generally seen on adults age 50 and older. Also called age spots, these freckles appear on skin after years of excessive sun exposure. The formation of liver spots can begin as early as age 18. If you don’t practice proper sun protection when you are young, it will cause age spots to appear later. If you have age spots,they can be cured with skin lightening or laser removal.

Lentigenes are simply freckles. If you were born with freckles, they are embedded into your DNA and no matter what methods you take, they will not disappear. One clear indicator of permanent freckles (other than always being there) are freckles that appear seasonally. It is very common for those who have genetic freckles to only get them during the warmer months. If you weren’t born with freckles, it is safe to say that they are caused by the sun. UVB rays are responsible for burning and tanning the skin and can cause freckles.

Melasma occurs when there is a hormonal change in your body. Many women suffer from pregnancy mask, a form of melisma, before giving birth which causes dark spots to appear.

Birthmarks and moles also count as dark spots. In some cases these marks can be removed by a laser but others may be genetic.

Hyperpigmentation is the most common reason people have dark spots. Hyperpigmentation is simply defined as an overproduction of pigment which is why it includes so many skin issues. Acne scars, tanning, post inflammatory scars, and uneven skin tone are all considered hyperpigmentation.

Use your makeup for a quick fix

There is one fool proof way to eliminate dark spots completely, the bad thing is that it only works temporarily. Makeup has been used for ages to create flawless skin. Foundation and concealer are the two items you should use in order to camouflage the dark spots on your face. Concealer is thicker but is sold in much smaller quantities than foundation.Since concealer is more expensive, it is recommended to cover your face as much as you can with foundation, then perfect with your concealer.

The type of makeup you should purchase is based on the severity of your dark spots. Both foundations and concealers come in light to full coverage and the more coverage it has, the less you will have to use to cover your dark spots.

Now that you have the right products let’s talk application. Here are a few things you should know in order to coveryour dark spots like a makeup professional:

  • Always begin by applying your skincare products. Foundation picks up on textured skin, so it is important to at least use a moisturizer.
  • If your dark spots are severe or you have a long day ahead of you, you may need a primer to keep your makeup intact. The original purpose of a primer is to give makeup something to stick to, but now they come in colors to help camouflageimperfections on the face. Green primer helps tocamouflage red, Purple primer helps tocamouflage yellow, and blue primer helps to camouflage orange (the colors refer to your undertone). Colored primers are based on the theory of complimentary colors.
  • To guarantee flawless application you should be using a makeup brush. Your brush should have synthetic bristles so it doesn’t begin to absorb your liquid foundation. Since you want to cover a dark spot, be sure your brush is firm and has lots of bristles so you are able to pack on the product. If you have to apply more than two layers of product you should opt for a heavier coverage.
  • If you tend to get oily, finish with a translucent powder. Translucent powder acts as the glue for your makeup, by removing excess oil so makeup doesn’t melt. Finishing sprays are recommended for dry skin, these sprays are filled with water-binding ingredients so your face stays fresh!

Skincare products will help remove dark spots from the face

Skin discoloration is one of top concerns in the beauty industry, so there are many products that claim to rectify it. Many skin lighteners contain synthetic chemicals that can harm you, so it is important to watch what ingredients go onto your skin.

AHAs can remove dark spots

AHAs Cream

AHAs Cream

Chemical exfoliation tends to be very effective at getting rid of dark spots. Alpha hydroxy acids or fruit enzymes are used for chemical exfoliation, instead of scrubbing the skin away they dissolve it. Preventing physical manipulation on the skin can save your from scars and abrasions that can happen if you are too rough. Most chemical exfoliants only need to be applied once per week, so if you are someone who can’t bare to add another step to your routine they may be the best option.

Skin lighteners don’t have to be harsh

Though there are many companies that use harsh chemicals to get rid of dark spots, you must know that they aren’t the only options. Since many brands hold profit high above customer safety and satisfaction, they use cheap ingredients that frequently cause skin irritations.

Look for products loaded with these natural skin lighteners:

  • Alpha-Arbutin
  • Kojic Acid
  • Licorice Extract
  • Resveratrol
  • Bearberry Extract
  • Sandalwood
  • Lavender
  • Jasmine
  • Rose
  • Galbanum

You’ll never get rid of dark spots if you don’t practice proper sun protection

Almost all skin damage is due to excessive sun exposure. No matter what method you use to get rid of dark spots, if you aren’t protected from the sun they will never go away. You need sunscreen now more than ever, because some skin lightening products have the ability to male your skin more sun sensitive. Increased sun sensitivity occurs because skin lighteners help you shed skin which allows the sun to penetrate deeper than normal. With the proper skincare routine and stellar sun protection habits, you can get rid of dark spots for good!

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