How to Pop a Pimple

Ok picture this situation after a long night, you wake up to a pulsating pimple, what is the first thing you want to do? If you said pop it, you’re in line with the majority of people who have experienced pimples. I’m sure you’ve also heard that popping a pimple isn’t good for your skin, and that is completely true. Confused? Don’t be, popping a pimple is quite effective at getting rid of them but it has to be performed in the correct way.

Why do I get pimples?



Pimples begin to form when the skin harbors bacteria that it cannot release. Small openings called pores help the skin breathe; these slots are big enough for dirt, oil, dead skin, and other debris to enter them. If you neglect to practice a consistent skincare routine, you will never remove these materials and your pore will become blocked. Once the pore is deprived of oxygen, acne-causing bacteria begin to develop, and a pimple appears. It’s a simple concept, the bacteria that acne thrive on cannot live in the presence of oxygen so keeping the pore as clear as possible can drastically help your concern.

Obviously, the air isn’t the only source of acne; I’m sure you know that person that never washes their face yet still has immaculate skin. Other common sources of clogged pores include:

Dirty Laundry- If you never wash your pillowcase, you shouldn’t wonder why pimples are taking over the side of your face. Bacteria are mobile, which means they can move inside of your pores while you are sleeping. You should wash your linen once per week if you want to avoid acne.

Your cell phone- If you cared about your skin you’d make sure everything that touches it is sterile, including your cell phone. So many people’s lists of pet peeves include people touching their face, but at least people actually wash their hands. Instead of going to your local cell phone provider to purchase a selfie stick, get a few antibacterial wipes for your screen! Be sure that the wipes are made for a cell phone because other wipes contain a liquid that could damage it.

Hair products- The products you put in your hair are loaded with chemicals and oils that can damage your skin. If possible switch to all natural products that won’t clog the pores. It is understandable if a natural hair regimen isn’t for you so you can protect your skin by using a face shield while spraying your products. If possible, keep some skin wipes handy and clean your face after doing your hair (this may mean having to clip your hair back to do makeup). It Is also a smart move to keep your hair out of your face. Wearing bangs and styles where the hair hangs down can cause hair products to creep into your pores.

Dry/Flakey skin- If you have dry skin you know that it can sometimes flake. Some flakes are small enough to enter the pore and clog it. Those who have a high cell turnover rate may also experience more flaking. People of color or those who are on certain skin medications may have a high cell turnover rate.

Toxic foods– Fatty and processed foods won’t only affect your weight. Once the body begins to process your food it finds a way to release toxins, one way is through the pores. If the materials including bacteria or are too big to pass, you could develop acne. Check out some healthy skin foods.



How to correctly pop a pimple

Before you actually get to pop your pimple you must do a few things:

1.  Cleanse your skin. Be sure to use a facial moisturizer so you don’t strip your skin of its moisture. For extra lubrication, you should wet your face before applying the product. Take your middle and ring fingers and sweep them across your entire face in circular motion, do not manipulate the skin for more than 3 minutes because your cleanser will turn acidic after that.

2. Open your pores. Opening your pores will make it easier to remove any impacted materials, it will also soften the skin so a pimple can pop without force. To further open your pores, use little steam. Fill up a pot with water and let it boil. Once your pot begins to produce steam put your face over the dish and allow your skin absorb it. You can steam your face for about 10 minutes but ensure that the fire isn’t too high.

3. It’s time to pop your pimple. If you don’t like blood and puss on your finger, you may want to use a q-tip or wrap your pointer fingers in gauze. Apply downward pressure with your fingers or q-tip, then push in, and then up. Never force materials out of your pimple because it could make things worse. If your pimple isn’t ready to pop it could become red, inflamed, or bigger if you squeeze it too hard. Remove all of the puss and squeeze until you see blood. Move intently with pressure but never too much, be careful and watchful.

4. Close pores my favorite way is to use an ice cube. gently run the ice cube over a pimple or 30 seconds or cold water you can apply this with a cotton ball, clean rag or splash your face. Closing the pore seals the skin and prevents further bacteria cultivation.
5. Once all of your pimples are popped apply an acne treatment to make sure they don’t fill up with bacteria again.

Not all of your pimples are going to pop so if you didn’t get them all don’t worry; maybe they will next time. You can go through these steps once or twice a week depending on the severity of your acne.

Find a consistent treatment for acne

To keep pimples under control, you must invest in a good treatment. If you are unsure which ingredients work best, here is a list of the most common ingredients for banishing pimples

  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Salicylic acid
  • Sulfur
  • Willow Bark

Remove acne scars on your face!

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