How to Look Younger for Men

How to Look Younger Naturally for Men

As time progresses, men seem to be more concerned about their appearance. We are now living in a time where there are spas and salons specifically dedicated to the male gender. Personal care brands are revealing men’s lines and business is doing quite well. Besides hair loss, the main beauty concern for men tends to be ageing. No one male or female wants to look old, so it is understandable why you may want help. Men can adopt the same habits women do to look naturally younger but it takes a bit of discipline.

Adopt a skincare routine to look younger

Most men think a splash of water is all they need to maintain healthy skin. If you want to look younger, you must get out of your lazy spell because great skin takes work. The first step to younger looking skin is to start using skincare products. Skincare products are used to maintain healthy skin and reverse certain skin care concerns. The products you purchase should cater to your skin type.

If you need help identifying your skin type here are a few indicators:

  • Oily skin produces excess oil. If you have oily skin it is probably accompanied with a shine. Oily skin also has a greater risk of developing acne, blackheads and whiteheads. Your goal is to keep the skin hydrated so it doesn’t overcompensate with oil. Ironically using products with oil will help control your oil production, this is proven by the chemistry theory “like dissolves like.”
  • Dry skin doesn’t produce enough oil. If you are suffering from dry skin, it may be rough and flakey. Dry skin is prone to skin irritations and wrinkles. In order to maintain dry skin, your skincare products must contain lots of hydration. Products that are water or oil based work best for dry skin.
  • Combination skin has characteristics of both oily and dry skin. Generally people with combination skin are oily in the t-zone (or middle of the face) and drier on their cheeks. It may be tough, but your goal is to balance your two skin types.

Get clear skin fast for men!

Yes, you have to use soap

A cleanser must be used to ensure your face is clean. Soap contains molecules that are effective at attracting dirt, oil, and debris so that your pores are clear. Neglecting to use soap can result in bacterial infections, acne, black heads, white heads, and wrinkles.

You’ll only need to do this step once a week

Exfoliation is a key component for younger skin. To exfoliate means to remove dry and dead skin cells from your face. Once these skin cells are removed, it allows new skin to flourish. Consistent exfoliation can help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin, provide radiance and even your skin tone.

If you want to look younger, shave properly



If you must shave, be sure you’re doing it properly. You may be a guy who has been shaving for years and think you know the proper mechanics but your way could be ageing your skin.

First, be sure you are using a quality razor. Feel the material surrounding the blades, is it smooth? Would the material drag across your skin? You want a smooth surface that won’t tug on your skin and cause wrinkles or discoloration. Your blades need to be very sharp so that it is easy to remove hair. Dragging razor blades across your skin puts you at a higher risk of cutting yourself. Always use shaving cream because they provide slip across the skin and shave in the direction of hair growth. Most men shave against the grain, but they then develop ingrown hairs. Be sure you never pick at your ingrown hairs, they will leave a scar.

Eliminating grey hair can make you look younger

You can have the greatest skin in the world but if you have grey hair, everyone will know you are more mature. As long so you have all of your hair, be sure it stays colored if you want to appear more youthful. Use your natural hair color for a more authentic look and avoid bright colors, it’s a clear sign of a midlife crisis.

Looking younger means avoiding these guilty pleasures

Coffee has its negative side

Beverages are supposed to be hydrating right? So why is It that consuming caffeinated beverages can dry out your skin? Once your skin is dehydrated it can begin to wrinkle and become sensitive. If you can’t do without your caffeine, you should be drinking an identical amount of water to replenish hydration.

Smoking is never okay

You already know smoking is dangerous, so why do you continue to light up? Smoking releases free radicals into the air and they want to attack your skin cells. Once a free radical links onto a healthy skin cell it depletes it of all its nutrients, then multiplies to complete the process.

Most men like things that are quick and simple, if you’re that guy try adding these little tricks to your lifestyle:

  • Be sure to eat foods that fight ageing. Berries are high in antioxidants that will help protect your skin from environmental ageing. As discussed earlier, free radicals are harmful molecules that live in the outside air. If a free radical multiplies enough it could cause cancer.
  • Hydrating doesn’t stop at applying a moisturizer, you should also be drinking water. Make sure you are consuming half of your bodyweight in ounces to ensure you are maintaining a healthy amount of water.
  • Massage your face a bit while applying your moisturizer, this can increase the firmness of your skin.
  • Stay active for about 30 minutes per day. If you don’t use your muscles, you’ll lose them and your skin will begin to sag.
  • Learn to let go of the things that cause you stress. Stressing is known to make skin look lack luster and sallow.

On average it takes an adult anywhere from 30 to 60 days to see a change in their skin. If you’ve been making the changes needed to look younger naturally, keep it up it will pay off soon!

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