How to get Rid of Stretch Marks

Look at all of those stripes, were you a tiger in your past life?

Unfortunately, those stripes have nothing to do with your past life and so much to do with the present. Stretch marks occur when the skin is being stretched at a rapid rate. They can arise from events such as weight gain, body building or pregnancy. At first they appear red or purple in color then fade to a color a few shades lighter than your skin. Common areas stretch marks mark their territory are the breast, love handles, upper arms, and butt.

If you have stretch marks chances are you want to get rid of them, and here are several ways to do so.

Get rid of stretch marks naturally

An overabundance of beauty products hit the market each year calming to banish stretch marks. While many of these products are deemed useful, they are loaded with harsh chemicals like:

  • Fragrance- This ingredient is obviously used to control the scent in skin care products. While exuding an awesome smell fragrance can be a touchy ingredient to come in contact with since companies are not required to list what ingredients were used to make a perfume.
  • Parabens- Parabens have recently been linked to cancer. They are usually used to preserve the shelf life of a product.
  • Mineral Oil- Normally found in hydrating products mineral oil is used to provide moisture. Though effective at hydrating, mineral oil has its cons. Extensive use of this ingredient could lead to complications like premature aging, skin irritation, and cancer.
  • Phthalates- Used for lubrication in cosmetics phthalates are linked to breast cancer, birth defects, and hormonal imbalance.

To those who want to avoid these unhealthy chemicals should try one of these approaches to getting rid of stretch marks.

Get rid of cellulite naturally!

These foods can leave skin stretch mark free

Egg whites

Egg whites

1. Egg whites- This standard breakfast food can be used to diminish the appearance of stretch marks. Egg whites are packed with an ingredient called amino acids that can help restore the skin. Egg whites work by giving the skin protein which is required for healing.

2. Lemon Juice- Lemon juice has natural acids that will help dissolve skin cells. Exfoliating the skin on a constant basis will help get rid of the discoloration stretch marks may leave.

3. Sugar- Sugar is commonly used to exfoliate the skin. Mix sugar, lemon juice, and an essential oil of your choice to create a stretch mark eliminating scrub.

4. Potatoes- This vegetable contains nutrients that help promote faster cell growth, when thenew skin appears stretch marks will eventually fade.

Oils are another great way to get rid of stretch marks

Essential oils are awesome at diminishing stretch marks due to their healing properties.

  • Lavender- Helps calm and soothe
  • Neroli- Helps to repair skin
  • Patchouli- Helps diminish inflammation
  • Mandarin- Helps brighten skin
  • Rose- Helps to promote an even skin tone
  • Geranium- Helps increase blood circulation eliminating the red/purple color that pesky stretch marks may leave.
  • Vetiver- Speeds up cell turnover rate
  • Jasmine- Protects skin from environmental damage.

Medical Treatments can help get rid of stretch marks

If you want to get rid of stretch marks fast leave it up to your physician because topical treatments may take thetime that some people don’t have.

Lasers have been used to get rid of stretch marks

Lasers are becoming very popular in the cosmetic industry because of their many uses. Stretch mark removal is on the long list of treatments a laser can provide and has been proven to be very effective. During a laser stretchmarktreatment, a laser is used to help breakdown damaged skin cells. Over a course of time, stretch marks disappear, and new skin is revealed.

Getting a tummy tuck is a common option to get rid of stretch marks

Tummy tucks are often requested by those who want a tighter waistline but are now also being used as a stretch mark remedy. During a tummy tuck, theskin is tightened and removed and since the stomach is a traditional place for stretch marks many people look at a tummy tuck as a dual purpose treatment.

Skincare can be effective at getting rid of stretch marks

Since approximately 90% of women have stretch marks, companies are making thousands of products that are designed to help.Getting rid of stretch marks with skincare is simple just rub topically and go. Cleansing the area of concern before applying your product and exfoliating 1-2 times per week will reveal results quicker.

There’s cream for that

Topical creams and lotions happen to be some of the most popular ways to get rid of stretch marks. Though there are many that are effective, there are just about as many that aren’t, in fact they may actually cause other issues. Before purchasing a topical treatment do a little research on its efficacy to ensure satisfaction. Check out some other beauty masks.

Try a chemical peel

Chemical peels are also known to help get rid of stretch marks. Chemical peels can be done at home but visiting a skin care professional will deliver greater results. A chemical peel may not get rid of stretch marks completely but is very effective at diminishing their appearance.

Having stretch marks isn’t considered a medical concern since theydo not put you at risk for anything further however it is entirely understandable to seek treatment. Some stretch marks may fade on their own while others may be stubborn, but there are many ways to diminish their appearance.

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