How to get Rid of Oily Skin on the Face

The skin must have an exceptional balance of oil and water to be considered healthy. Your skin type is determined by how much of each ingredient your skin holds. Those with oily skin tend to have a higher concentration of oils that begin to secrete from the face. Having oily skin isn’t the end of the world, in fact, there are many benefits, including:

  • Your skin won’t age as fast
  • Your skin maintains a glow
  • Makes skin softer
  • Protects you from environmental elements

Oily skin does have its cons:

  • You are at a high risk for acne
  • Sometimes skin can overproduce oil
  • Makeup can slip from the face

While some have no problem with oily skin othersare fed up and want to balance oily skin NOW! If this happens to be you, indulge in these stellar tips for oily skin.

You can get rid of oily skin on the face in the comfort of your home

If you want to avoid the line at your local beauty superstore, try getting rid of oily skin at home. The things that fruits, veggies, and other ingredients found at home can do for oily skin will more than likely make your beauty supplies something you pick up in the produce aisle.

Just use these foods



Cucumber- Though normally best on salad cucumber can also be effective at getting rid of oily skin on the face. Cucumbers are known for their numerous nutrients:

  • Vitamin C to help lighten,brighten and tighten the skin.
  • Beta-carotene can help skin maintain a healthy glow.
  • Manganese provides antioxidant protection.
  • Vitamin K helps prevent and reduce wrinkles.

Cucumber is also a natural astringent which is why it is great for oily skin. An astringent helps cleanse the face decreasing excess oil.

Need a recipe for an oil fighting cucumber mask? Look no further, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Lemon juice
  • Cucumber

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Blend the cucumber and extract the juice.
  2. Mix 3 parts of cucumber juice with one part of lemon juice and spread over the entire face.
  3. Let the lemon and cucumber mask sit for about 20 minutes then rinse with warm water.
  4. Follow with the rest of your skin care routine.

Yogurt- is often used to get rid of oily skin due to its exfoliating properties. Yogurt contains high levels of lactic acid, a powerful alpha hydroxyl acid that helps dissolve skin cells. Lactic acid will indeed wipe excess oils from the face, along with dirt and debris.

Getting rid of oily skin with yogurt involves the use of plain, organic yogurt. Yogurts that contain fruit or other additives could make theskin worse even though they seem harmless. If you happen to be extremely oil treat oily skin with a low fat yogurt because as you may know fats contain oils.

Tomatoes-Tomatoes contain about 20 percent of our daily vitamin intake requirements which is why they are often used on theskin. They have the power to get rid of oily skin by releasing it from the pore. Tomato juice can be mixed with cucumber and serve as an excellent toner.

Tomatoes also help the skin by:

Oily skin can be beaten with makeup

Your skin could be overproducing oil because of your makeup. Most women shop by how much color their products produces and entirely ignore the formula. If your skin is oily, you need to look for products that are water based to extra oil isn’t being added. If your skin is dehydrated (yes there is a difference), you may want to feed the skin an oil based product.

Face powders mattify oil

Face powders are used for cover imperfections on the face;powders come in many colors to match a variety of skin tones. Face powders contain ingredients that reduce the appearance of oil such as mica. When using face power to help get rid of oil on the face be sure to get a cleanser strong enough to remove it otherwise acne can flair.

Clear or translucent powders are also an option. For those who prefer liquid foundation or no foundation at all translucent powder will glide over the face and reduce shine.

Blotting sheets, please!

Many people who have oily skin tend to be best friends with blotting papers. Blotting sheets are made from materials that absorb oil by simply pressing on the face. Anytime the skin gets shiny rubbing a blotting sheet over the area will temporarily reduce oil. Some companies add treatment in their blotting sheets that can help improve further skin conditions such as acne and rosacea.

Foundation primer to the rescue

When looking for a foundation at a makeup counter artists always push foundation primer. Of course you may be thinking they are doing it for their benefit but using a primer does have its pros. Foundation primer is normally cream, translucent, and goes on before your makeup.

Primer can help:

  • Keep makeup on all day
  • Pull more pigment from products
  • Keep pores from clogging
  • Add essential skin care benefits

Some foundation primers are formulated to mattify oil. Ingredients like clay and charcoal help reduce oil, so makeup doesn’t slide off the face. Primers can also be used by those who don’t wear makeup, they just won’t cover any blemishes.

Skincare helps balance oily skin

Skincare is one of the most effective ways to help get rid of oily skin on the face.

Need new skin care products for your oily skin? Combat oil with these ingredients:

  • 1. Charcoal
  • 2. Clay
  • 3. Seaweed
  • 4. Pomegranate
  • 5. Cucumber
  • 6. Tomato seed oil
  • 7. Willow bark
  • 8. Salicylic acid
  • 9. Rosemary

Check out some homemade masks!

Oily skin can be a thing of the past very quickly if you follow these simple steps. Now you can look forward to the day you don’t look like an oil slick in all of your photos!

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