How to Get Rid of Dark Neck

If your neck is a bit darker than the rest of your skin, there are several things that will help provide a more even tone. Hyperpigmentation is caused by an overproduction of pigment that can be quite complicated to reverse.

With a little time, consistency, and a few skincare rituals you could have a neck that is free from discoloration.

How to get rid of a dark neck naturally

If your skin is sensitive or you’re simply on a health kick, you may want to try and get rid of dark neck naturally. Many lightening products contain chemicals that can cause reactions but there are other alternatives that have the capability of delivering the same results.

Exfoliate dark skin away

Scrubbing the skin can help get rid of dark neck fast since it aids in getting rid of discolored layers of skin at a rapid pace. Pigmentation issues typically lie in the top layers of skin so once these layers shed from the neck the skin will appear more even.

Scrubbing is one of the most common exfoliation options. Scrubs combine course materials like rocks, sand, and dirt to help wash away skin cells. When using a scrub on the neck be sure your touch is gentle because the skin on the neck is quite delicate.

Using a chemical exfoliant such as an acid or enzyme peel helps eliminate manual work since ingredients work together to dissolve skin. Those with sensitive skin may want to test chemical exfoliants on a small area of the skin to ensure no reactions occur.

No matter what method of exfoliation you use be sure to cleanse the skin first; cleansing will remove excess dirt, oil, and debris, so you are solely focusing on getting rid of the dark neck. After you’ve exfoliated, continue with hydration and sun protection.

Use these natural skin lighteners

Bleaches are commonly used in products that help get rid of the dark neck. The issue with most of these products is that they are capable of causing skin sensitivities and other health complications. There are a few natural ingredients that act as skin lighteners:

Yogurt Oranges Gram Flour
Honey Lemons Aloe Vera
Papaya Turmeric Cucumber
Oatmeal Sandalwood Oil Lavender Oil
Jasmine Oil Rose Oil Galbanum Oil

Using a natural skin lightener does not mean you are free from any risks, in fact, some people have allergies to natural ingredients. Undergoing an allergy test with your physician will kill any doubts you may have before using one of these natural skin lighteners.

Learn how to lighten other areas of the body

You can get rid of dark neck fast

Having dark neck can be embarrassing and if it’s summer you’ve got to let go of your turtlenecks.

Need to get rid of dark neck fast? These methods will deliver results rapidly.

These lighteners will lighten skin in a flash



There are several ingredients that can help get rid of dark neck fast including:

Alpha-Arbutin- Often used to diminish the appearance of liver spots this ingredient works by inhibiting melanin production.

Kojic Acid- Helps remove pigment from the skin.

Licorice Extract- This ingredient is often used in natural lightening products and delivers rapid results. Licorice extract works by stopping melanin dead in its tracks causing new skin to appear without pigmentation issues.

Resveratrol-A potent antioxidant commonly derived from grapes. Antioxidants help get rid of the dark neck by protecting the skin from environmental damage. Free radicals are evil molecules found in outside elements that prey on healthy skin cells. When skin cellscome in contact with a free radical,they die and begin to multiply throughout the body. Free radicals are a common cause of the dark neck.

Bearberry Extract- Helps decrease the amount of melanin the skin produces.

Vitamin A- Also known as retinol, this ingredient helps exfoliate dead skin and creates a healthy environment for the new skin.

Vitamin B3- Helps promote healthy skin by stimulating collagen.

Vitamin C- Helps skin appear brighter.

If you need to get rid of the dark neck, fast try using a product packed with one or more of these ingredients.

There are medical procedures for this

If you’ve tried everything you can to get rid of your dark neck, it may be time to visit your physician.

Chemical peels are very similar to the ones you perform at home but have a higher concentration of active ingredients. Many enzymes and acids that can be sold over the counter are sold at lower levels to reduce the risk of irritation. Some chemical peels have the power to eat through layers of skin which is no match for thedark neck. Chemical peels usually require you to undergo 5-10 treatments depending on the severity of discoloration.

Microdermabrasion is the doc’s answer to physical exfoliation. Microdermabrasion is performed using crystals that work to scrub away damaged skin.

Lasers are becoming widely popular when it comes to getting rid of the dark neck. This procedure works by using beams of light to zap away dark spots. Lasers tend to work better when the skin and the area of concern greatly contrast in color because the laser is trained to look for more shaded areas.

How to get rid of dark neck for the moment

If you have a special event in which you need to hide the discoloration on your neck why not try a temporary fix? Methods using makeup can help get rid of dark neck fast, and the look will be quite natural.

Ever heard of camouflage makeup?

If you’ve got a special event to attend and you want to wear an outfit that exposes your dark neck try hiring a makeup artist. Camouflage makeup is a technique used to hide discoloration and make the skin appear more even. This cosmetic routine can be done at home but requires practice which is why hiring a professional is best, they will use the top products to ensure your dark neck is nowhere in sight! Learn how to best apply camouflage makeup.

With both of these methods, it is recommended to purchase makeup that is waterproof and doesn’t rub off on clothes. You also have the option of hiring a professional makeup artist to do the job, so you don’t have to worry about being dissatisfied.

Want to ensure your dark neck doesn’t get worse? Here are a few things that contribute to dark neck:

  • Wearing clothing with a tight collar.
  • Using a laundry soap that doesn’t agree with the skin.
  • Excessive moisture. Be sure to wipe the neck anytime it becomes moist, including sweat.
  • Some people who have dark neck suffer from a skin disease like eczema or psoriasis once these conditions are under control dark neck will improve.
  • Over-exfoliating can also contribute to  dark neck. Exfoliation can help diminish the appearance of the the dark neck but if the skin is scrubbed too abrasively it can cause scarring.
  • Not protecting skin from the sun.

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