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7 Tips To Close Pores Permanently For Perfectly Smooth Skin

Having large pores isn’t fun. Your makeup seeps into them, and materials get clogged very quickly. Don’t you want skin that is smooth and free from visible pores? It is entirely possible to reverse your pore size as long as it isn’t embedded into your DNA. Some people are cursed with large pores and no matter what they will not get any smaller. Also, everyone has aparticular pore size, so yours may not have the ability to get as small as you would like. Keep in mind that once you find a method that works you must stay consistent to see results!

Here are a few fool-proof methods that will have your pores looking better than ever before!

Take in some steam

If your visible pores are due to clogged pores, try using steam to close them. The pores are small, but the opening is large enough for dirt, dry skin, oil, and debris to become impacted,causing the pores to widen. Using steam will help to open the pores and loosen any trapped materials making them easier to remove. Many professionals use steam during skin treatments for this very reason.

If you don’t have a fancy steamer at home that’s alright, just boil some water in a pot. Be sure the fire is high so that an adequate amount of steamed released from the pot, but not strong enough to burn your skin. The amount of water doesn’t matter, but keep in mind that the more water in the pot, the longer it will take to boil. You are welcome to steam your skin twice per week.

Once the water begins to release steam, simply hold your face over the pot for 5-10 minutes. If you have any active acne it is safe to pop at this point; you may also squeeze any blackheads. Once all of the materials are released from the pores they will begin to close.


Scrubbing the skin can help with things like hyperpigmentation, blackheads, and skin texture, but did you know it can also help close the pores? Physical exfoliation can help wash away the dead skin that can clog your pores and make them spread. It will also help remove dead skin even before it decides to hide in your pores.

Chemical exfoliation is the best method for someone whose goal is to close open pores permanently. The molecules in most alpha hydroxy acids are small enough to get deep into the skin, and will even dissolve the intercellular glue that cling to dry skin. Be very cautious when exfoliating, some scrubs are abrasive enough to cause cuts or scrapes, and some chemical exfoliants can burn the skin.  Exfoliation should one be performed once a week, any more could cause a skin injury.

Get a few ice cubes

Once you’ve removed everything from the pore, it is now time to lead them in the right direction. Grab an ice cube and rub it over your large pores; the frigid temperature will cause your pores to close. Massage your face using an ice cube for up to two minutes. To avoid harming the skin place a cloth over the ice to serve as a barrier between it and your skin. This method can be used every day but don’t perform it more than twice in 24 hours.

Finish with a good moisturizer

Hydrating the skin is something you should partake in daily. To ensure your pores stay closed use one that if free from pore clogging oils; these products are usually labeled “non-comedogenic.” If your moisturizer has ingredients that can clog pores, it could cause your pores to become wider.

infographic: 4 steps to close pores naturally.

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Three changes to your daily routine to prevent open pores from developing

Change your diet?

Believe it or not, the things you consume are written all over your face. After you eat or drink something, its contents are distributed to each and every cell in your body, including skin cells. If you consume foods that are high in bad fats, sugars, or toxins they could cause your skin to freak. Eat foods that help preserve your collagen so that pores remain firm. Foods high in antioxidants and vitamins A, C, and E can help close pores permanently.

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

As mentioned in the last section, collagen is what keeps the pores tight and without they will open. One of the most collagen preying predators is the sun so wear sunscreen if you want closed pores. The sun’s UVA rays can deplete your skin cells of collagen which can also give you wrinkles. Some sunscreens also have the power to protect the skin from free radicals. This is imperative for those who want to close their pores because free radicals suck the life from healthy skin cells.

Be sure to protect yourself with a sunscreen that is at least an SPF 30, any lower than that may not completely protect your skin. If you are going to be in direct sunlight, rub two layers of sunscreen over your entire body to ensure that you don’t miss a spot. You should be reapplying sun protection every two hours and every 80 minutes if you are swimming (in this case your product should be waterproof).

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Never sleep with your makeup on!

With the recent obsession with looking the best at all times, there are so many people who sleep in their makeup. This is probably one of the worse things you can do for large pores, plus it is extremely disgusting. Each day your pores suck in bits of your makeup and eventually cause your pores to clog. Acne, blackheads, and whiteheads are bound to form on skin that is loaded with makeup since your pores are being deprived of oxygen. If you own a makeup remover, you are leaning in the right direction, but remember to cleanse your skin even after removing your makeup.

Don’t believe the hype, you cannot completely close a pore. If there is, in fact, a method that does you should refrain from using it because closed pores mean that no oxygen can penetrate into your skin. Without oxygen, your skin will eventually die!

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