Here are the Habits that give you Wrinkles on the Face

Ageing is a part of life, but many of us still desire to age gracefully. If asked to choose between having wrinkles and ageing concerns like grey hair or brittle bones, no one would ever choose to have wrinkles. What if I told you that by making a few lifestyle changes you can prevent or rid yourself of wrinkled skin?

If you’re a gum chewer, you’ll have wrinkles later

Although a very minor contributor to wrinkles, chewing gum can cause them to form. The way many people position their mouths while chewing is what causes wrinkles. Fortunatel,y you’d have to chew lots of gum to tons of gum for this to happen, but it totally can. Most gum is also loaded with sugar, we will discuss later why sugar is a habit that gives you wrinkles.

Leave the cigs alone

Don't Smoke !

Don’t Smoke!

If you still smoke cigarettes knowing all of the dangers that it can cause, then you’re probably going to have to battle an addiction. As if being linked to various medical issues including lung, throat, and stomach cancer isn’t enough, smoking cigarettes can also have negative effects on your skin. The nicotine found in your cigarettes can cause blood vessels to minimize. When blood vessels narrow, you can develop a condition called telangiectasia which mirrors the appearance of spider veins. Smaller blood vessels also mean having a restricted blood flow, and if your skin isn’t getting enough oxygen it will become dry, wrinkled, and lack luster. Cigarette smoke adds free radicals to the environment. Free radicals are hungry cells created by pollution that want to take your cell’s soul and once this happens your skin cells will lose collagen and elastin (which are responsible for firmness). Is this information still not enough to kick your bad habit? Get this, every time your fix your lips to puff on a cigarette, you are contributing to those hideous wrinkles around the lips that smokers often have.

Too much sugar isn’t that sweet

Sure sugar tastes good, but the result of consuming it in excessive amounts aren’t worth the satisfaction. When you consume sugar, its molecules attach themselves to fats and protein, this is called glycation. Glycation results damage protein and protein is one of the key ingredients for youthful looking skin. Collagen and elastin are also compromised during glycation. Collagen is a protein that helps tighten the skin while elastin ensures that it stays firm. Without these two ingredients,s your skin will appear dull, wrinkled, and saggy. Glycation can also make the skin more susceptible to cigarette smoke and the sun, which also contributes to wrinkles. The one and only way sugar could reverse wrinkles is if you transition into obesity which will only bring on other issues.

This is your last drink

Sure making a toast is a great way to celebrate but is having fun more important than your appearance? If you are an avid alcohol consumer you may be in for a rude awakening. No matter what type of liquor you drink, it will contribute to dehydration. Dry skin is one of the biggest reasons people begin to form wrinkles since moisture helps to plump your skin. Overtime, alcohol consumption can lead to loss of collagen and elasticity which you already know help to fight wrinkles. Alcohol doesn’t only cause wrinkles because it speeds up blood circulation, your face can appear red and flustered. Many people who are certified alcoholics have a permanent red nose, which is a clear sign of the disorder.

Oh, I’ll wash my face in the morning

If you wear makeup, one of the most important things to know is how to remove it properly. If you don’t own a makeup remover, it is recommended that you invest in one now. Makeup removers contain ingredients specifically designed to dissolve makeup for simple removal. The mistake most women make is thinking that their work is done once they removed their makeup. Sure you are cleansing topically, but what about all of the makeup that your pores absorbed? If you decide to leave these contaminants in your pores you run the risk of ruining your collagen and elastin and ending up with wrinkled skin. You should wash your face a second time with a facial cleanser to avoid both wrinkles and acne. Learn how some rejuvenating face masks can help to reverse the signs of aging.

Your makeup techniques are causing creases

How do you apply your makeup? If the majority of it is done using your hands, you are probably contributing to your wrinkles. Using your hands isn’t the best idea, since the skin on your hands have pores, they can soak up makeup instead of applying it to your face. When you use your hands, you tend to pull on the skin which can cause wrinkles to form. Be sure not to stretch the skin to apply eyeliner, make shapes with your mouth or raise your brow when applying mascara. Doing these things daily will cause your skin to crease. Check out how to look beautiful without makeup!

There are other habits that can cause wrinkles:

  • Sleeping on the side of your face can cause wrinkles since your skin is being scrunched by a pillow. Try sleeping on your back to avoid wrinkles overnight.
  • Cleaning your home with products that are full of toxins can cause wrinkles. Remember that your pores absorb elements from the air and toxins can ruin your skin cells.
  • Constantly talking on your phone can also cause wrinkles. Pressing your skin against the screen can cause your face to crease and holding the phone with your neck could result in pecky neck rings.
  • Do you use sunscreen? If not you are guaranteed to get wrinkles before you’re due. The sun’s UVA rays penetrate the skin and deplete its collagen and elastin.

Regrettably, you can’t stay the same age forever. Wel,l you can, but one day someone will know that you’re fibbing. One of the most ironic habits that give you wrinkles is worrying about wrinkles, so stop stressing! Check out some tips to look younger!

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