10 Tips for Long lasting makeup for oily and greasy skin

Having oily or greasy skin does not necessarily mean that you should no longer wear makeup. While it’s true that you may have a hard time making it last long if you have greasy skin, there is no need to let go of your desire to wear makeup to look even better.

Note that you can retain it by knowing exactly which one specifically works for your skin type. The following tips to make your makeup last long despite having greasy skin can also help:

  1. Use a primer – With the help of a primer, it would be much easier for you to retain your makeup even with your oily complexion. Prime the oiliest parts as much as possible, including your T-zone, nose, chin, and forehead. In this case, you can use an anti-shine and oil-free primer. Apply it right after cleaning your face but prior to putting on powder, foundation or any other makeup.

  2. Do not put on too much powder – You might think that putting on plenty of face powder can get rid of the oil and retain your makeup. Note, however, that putting too much might backfire, causing your pores to produce more oil.

    If possible, put on powder only on oily and shiny parts. Utilize a matte translucent formula as this can help minimize the oiliness regardless of your skin tone. If you want to apply more powder than usual, then consider dampening a makeup sponge then blotting it on some parts with a lot of powder.

  3. Don’t forget to moisturize – Keep your skin moisturized with the help of a non-cream and oil-free moisturizer. A sunscreen, which has an SPF 15 at least, can also help moisturize your skin. Prior to purchasing a sunscreen, make sure to choose that which contains titanium dioxide or zinc oxide as both have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

  4. Use the right foundation and apply it correctly – Make sure to look for a foundation, which is suitable for greasy or oily skin. It shouldn’t contain oil or any fragrance. Once you have chosen the perfect foundation for you, apply it using a brush. With the brush around, it’s possible to cover the pores precisely while making your makeup last for longer. In case there are dark spots on your face, apply foundation using the tip of your ring finger. Stay away from makeup sponges.

  5. Cleanse your face – You have to do this thoroughly every morning. Use a cleanser with a minimum of 2% salicylic acid, as it aids in breaking down and getting rid of the oil from your skin without causing dryness.

  6. Use a rubbing alcohol to clean your T-zone – This tip works well especially if your T-zone is prone to producing too much oil. What you have to do is to clean that part every morning so you can reduce or fully avoid its release of oil. Just add a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol to a cotton wool then rub it gently over your chin, nose, and forehead. Avoid using too much alcohol, though, as overusing it might cause your skin to dry out. Apply just enough of it.

  7. Do not use a concealer on your eyelids – While many women apply concealer on their eyelids, keep in mind that this is a bad idea for those with greasy skin. Instead of a concealer, apply a primer designed specifically for your eyelids as it can already help in absorbing the oil the entire day.

    Remember that the main goal of a concealer is to even out your skin’s color only, so you can’t expect it to work as effectively as the right primer in ensuring that your eyeshadows stay in place.

  8. Apply a clay facial mask every week – This facial mask is beneficial in the sense that it can control your oily skin while also ensuring that your makeup stays in place for a long period. Make sure to look for a clay, which works effectively in absorbing excess oil.

    When applying the clay facial mask, though, do not wait for it to dry completely before removing it. You can get results that are more desirable if you rinse the mask while it’s still slightly damp. Leaving the mask on until it fully dries out may cause your skin to absorb too much oil, which can also trigger dryness.

  9. Go for loose or pressed powder – Having oily skin might make you realize how important face powder is. While both pressed powder and loose powder are suitable for greasy skin, keep in mind that the latter is preferable as it absorbs excess oil instantly.

    Stay away from powders that provide shine and shimmer as much as possible, as it might only cause your face to look oilier. A blotting paper that you can use on your T-zone and the other part of your face with excess oil is also helpful in keeping it in control.

  10. Know what to eat – If you want to make your makeup last, then keeping oil under control by eating the right foods is also a must. When you have oily skin, it is necessary to avoid excessive sweating, too. That said, stay away from spicy and hot foods. Be careful of your alcohol intake, too. Limit alcoholic drinks to just one glass and refrain from eating spicy foods.

    Also, start increasing your intake of foods rich in Vitamin A. Some examples are spinach and carrots. Vitamin A is effective in slowing down oil production, which is a big help in preventing the production of too much oil.

While having greasy skin makes it more challenging to retain your makeup for hours, it’s still doable provided you follow the right tips. The tips mentioned here are designed for those with oily skin type who wish to make their makeup last the entire day.

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