How to Apply Full Face of Makeup

Ever since Kim Kardashian recorded herself getting dolled up by a glam squad on the early seasons of E!’s hit show “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” more and more women want to look their best daily. Unfortunately, the average woman doesn’t have the time or money to give an elaborate beauty team, so it is important that they learn a few techniques on their own. Learn how to look beautiful without makeup

Skin care should always come first

No matter the circumstances, you should always apply skincare before putting on a full face of makeup. Using skin care first will ensure that your makeup glides on smoothly and that dry skin that doesn’t cause your foundation to flake. Eye cream is an excellent solution for people who have a hard time getting their concealer to look smooth. Hydrating under the eyes can also eliminate lines that product often builds in. Some skincare products include silicones and can act as a makeup primer and hold your foundation on all day long. Skincare can be applied with your fingers, but you can also use a synthetic haired makeup brush for a hands-free application.

Learn some homemade skin care techniques

This step is up for debate

Personally, I prefer to apply eyeshadow first so if any of it falls on my face, I can wipe it with a makeup wipe. Furthermore, if I hate my eye look I can clean my face without removing perfectly good foundation. Begin with an eyeshadow primer to guarantee that your shadow stays on no matter what. Most brands carry their own version, so take your pick. Those with dark eyelids may want to use a concealer so that the shadow color isn’t compromised.

Next, take an eyeshadow brush and apply your first color. Generally, people begin with a skin tone color called the base just to get an even canvas. Then you may add a darker color to your crease and a light color on the lids. There are tons of ways to apply eyeshadow, for a smoky look focus your darkest color toward the lash line. For a sultry look, focus the deepest color on the outer corners of the eyelid and line the rim of your eyes. Eyeliner should always be used to complete makeup because it provides more definition to your eyelook. If you are someone who feels that eyeliner should be left to the gothic community, try using a brown to lighten up the look.

Freshen up your face

To ace your full face of makeup, you must have a clean base. Clean and flawless skin helps to tie your look together even if it is simple. Just a little foundation, a swipe of mascara, and lipstick will give the illusion that you spent hours getting ready. Proceed by spreading a foundation primer across the face. If you’re unaware, primers help to prolong the life of your makeup. Primers come in different formulas and many address common skincare concerns such as:

  • Aging
  • Acne
  • Discoloration
  • Lackluster skin

Wait for the primer to dry before you use your foundation because some contain silicones that may roll if rubbed.

There are three ways to apply foundation:



Fingers can be used to apply liquid base, but your results may be shabby. The skin on your hands contain pores that can soak up your makeup. The fingers do not deliver a smooth application but will work if you don’t need much coverage. Using the hands can come in handy when blending your foundation and concealer because the warmth from your skin will help them fuse together. Your finger can also be used to apply primers and skin care.

There are dozens of foundation brushes you can use; the hard part is finding the right one. Brushes that are fluffy and dense are used for a full-coverage look. Full-coverage works best for those with blemishes or discoloration. If your brush is fluffy with longer hairs, you’ll get an airbrushed feel, and you’ll be able to build from light coverage to full coverage. Flat brushes are for precision, and they offer light to medium coverage. These brushes also work great for creamy foundations that get stuck in soft bristles.

If you like powder foundation, you can also use a brush but you need natural bristles. Synthetic hairs are coated and won’t catch enough makeup for efficient coverage. No matter what type of brush you own, be sure to clean it, so you don’t develop any skin irritations.

Sponges may do the trick if you like to build your makeup. Dabbing a sponge on the face will result in an airbrush finish, and no matter how much product you apply a sponge is sure to make it look thin. Sponges can be either disposable or reusable and are very easy to take along while traveling.

Your concealer can be applied before or after the foundation. My rule of thumb is to apply concealer first, so you won’t have to use so much of it. Some companies make small brushes that aid in using concealer since it’s tough to get in the nooks and crannies.

Add some color

The right foundation will make you feel like a blank, flat sheet of paper which is great because now you’ll get to add dimension and color. Begin by using a highlighter to enhance the high points of the face. Place it on the cheekbones to make them appear higher, the chin to make it pop forward, the brow bone to make your arch appear larger and on the bridge of the nose to make it look thinner.

Then grab a bronzer and chisel the areas you want to draw in. You can place bronzer around the perimeter of the face to define the jawbone and hairline, the pocket of the cheeks to make tuhem sink in and on the side of the nose to eliminate width.

The way you apply your blush depends on where your cheeks need the most definition. If you have high cheekbones, you may place blush on the apples of your cheeks since that is where you are lacking. If you want to fake high cheekbones, place blush on the side of your face instead of focusing on the apples.

The lipstick you choose should match your blush. It is up to you whether you want a matte or glossy finish, but matte gives a more classic vibe. Lastly, apply your mascara and be careful not to get it on your eyelids!

Now remove the makeup safely

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