11 ways to get rid of eye wrinkles

11 Ways To Get Rid Of Wrinkles Under The Eyes

As people age, wrinkles, age spots, and fine lines start to develop on the face, especially on the eye area where the skin is thinnest. The facial expressions that people show, such as frowning and squinting, also result to the appearance of wrinkles.

The first wrinkles that appear on a person’s face typically develop on the eye area, particularly under the eyes. Excessive squinting cause wrinkles to appear on the area. Certain habits such as sleeping on the side with the pillow compressed against your face, tanning, and smoking can also result to under-eye wrinkling.

Since the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes is somewhat inevitable, there are medical and spa treatments that offer under eye wrinkle removal. There are also home remedies that help reduce and prevent the dilemma. To learn about them, just continue reading.

Medical and Spa Treatments

  1. Laser Treatment

Using laser is one of the best choices to get rid of under-eye wrinkles. The laser alters the wrinkles that formed on the outer layers of the skin.

The doctor will apply the micro-fine light of the laser in short pulsations under the eye. The light will deeply penetrate the skin to remove the damaged tissue that formed the wrinkles. Fresh elastin and collagen will replace the damaged tissue. After 7-10 days, the area under the eye will feel smoother and look younger.

  1. Derma Fillers Treatment

Opting for derma fillers is another good option. After the treatment, the result is instantly seen. The fillers compensate for the lost volume in the area. Yes, a lack of tightness does cause the appearance of wrinkles as well. Note though that derma fillers do not permanently get rid of the under eye wrinkles. The treatment must be repeated at least once a year.

  1. Dysport or Botox Treatment

Getting Botox and Dysport treatment is another good choice. These two will reduce wrinkle appearance and will prevent further formation of wrinkles.

What does the procedure entail? The doctor injects botulinum toxin into the area, paralyzing the muscles under the eyes. Much like derma fillers, this approach yields results that only last for a year.

  1. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is the process of removing dead skin which caused the appearance of wrinkles. It does not only help the eyes, but the whole face as well.

During the treatment, the doctor uses diamond tips to remove the dead skin on the face. The result can be seen instantly and the recovery period is only a day.

Home Remedies

  1. Pineapple Juice

Pineapple juice has bromelain, an active enzyme that can help get rid of wrinkles. Pineapple has astringent properties, meaning it allows the skin to exfoliate. It aids in reducing the fine lines that develop on the face and prevents the further appearances of wrinkles.

Get pineapple juice and apply it under the eyes. Leave the juice to dry on the skin for about twenty minutes before washing it off. Be sure to wash it off completely though, as even small residues could cause a burning sensation when left on the skin. This must be done at least twice a day for best results.

  1. Castor Oil

Moisturizing the skin under the eyes helps in keeping away wrinkles and fine lines. Castor oil is a good moisturizer which can be used every day to keep skin under the eyes supple and soft.

Apply castor oil under the eyes and leave it there overnight. The oil’s thick consistency will keep the area under the eyes moisturized.

  1. Rosemary

A little massage under the eyes can also prevent the appearance of wrinkles in that area. With a little help from Rosemary oil, the area will be nourished.

Dip a finger in Rosemary oil and apply it under the eyes. Gently massage the area under the eyes using an upward stroke. This procedure must be repeated every day for a few minutes, to get rid of the wrinkles and fine lines that have appeared and to prevent new wrinkles from being formed.

  1. Cucumber

The skin will develop wrinkles once there is lack of moisture in the area. Using cucumber slices to moisturize the area under the eyes will ensure that the area is well moisturized and the dark circles are lightened.

Slice the cucumber thinly and place the slices in the refrigerator to cool. The slices must be placed directly on the eye area for at least 15 minutes a day. Making this a habit will guarantee the prevention of skin dryness and wrinkles.

  1. Ginger and Honey

Ginger helps in blood circulation, while honey is an effective moisturizer. These two help get rid of wrinkles under the eyes when mixed.

Add half a teaspoon of honey to a teaspoon of ginger extract on a bowl. Massage the mixture on the area under the eyes for at least ten minutes a day and leave the mixture for an hour before washing it off.

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains fats that help nourish the skin and prevent the appearances of wrinkles. It also helps reverse the wrinkle lines that developed on the skin.

Massage virgin coconut oil on the area under the eyes for 10 minutes. Leave it there overnight to make the area supple and soft.

  1. Olive Oil

Much like honey, olive oil helps in deeply moisturizing the skin.

Slightly heat a small amount of virgin olive oil and apply it on the area under the eyes. Massage the area using the oil for a few minutes and leave it overnight. Do this on a regular basis and your wrinkles will gradually fade.

  1. Avocados

Avocados contain high levels of fat that is fit for the treatment of wrinkles. Cut an avocado into small pieces and leave some on the area under the eyes for 15 minutes. Press the pieces carefully to allow the oils to seep deeply into the area. Make sure that the area is fully covered as well.

  1. Rose Water

Rosewater is used as a toner as well as a rejuvenating ingredient that aids in the treatment of wrinkles and in the prevention of skin loosening.

Dab a finger on some rose water and apply it on the area under the eyes. Let the liquid dry on the area and repeat this procedure twice a day. Do this regularly and both wrinkles and fine lines will slowly fade. You’ll also be preventing new ones from forming.

  1. Egg Whites

Egg whites have the capacity to tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles, and prevent further wrinkling of the skin.

Get an egg and separate the yolk from the egg white. Using cotton, dab the egg white on the area under the skin and leave the layer for a few minutes. Once the area feels tight, wash the layer off.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known to have moisturizing enzymes that help penetrate the skin and remove damaged tissues. It helps get rid of wrinkles as well as prevent wrinkles from developing.

Cut a part of Aloe Vera leaf and squeeze out the gel inside it. Massage it on the area under the eyes and leave the gel on the area for 15 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. The procedure must be repeated every day for best results.

Getting rid of wrinkles may prove to be expensive or difficult, but the outcome should be satisfying. Whether opting for medical and spa treatments or home remedies, remember to be aware of the pros and cons of the method chosen before anything else.

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