Natural Home Remedies for Dark Circles Under Eyes

Have you developed under-eye dark circles? If so, you’re not alone. Dark circles under eyes are a common skin problem of several women across the globe. This unsightly discoloration underneath the eyes is often caused by several factors such as stress, dry skin, unhealthy diet, aging, nasal allergies, sleeplessness, and heredity.

Dark eye circles look like a serious skin problem. But the good news is that you can help banish them with simple treatments you can concoct right at your home! While there are several commercial eye creams in the market today, nothing beats natural skin care. Plus, going natural and homemade is actually cheaper and more effective! Here are some all-natural remedies for your stubborn eye circles.

1. Potato Extracts

Did you know that raw potatoes have natural bleaching properties? It’s got starch, enzymes, and Vitamin C. Those substances make it a great remedy for gently removing dark shadows beneath your eyes. They also eliminate under-eye puffiness caused by too much crying or hours in front of a computer.

  • How to Use:

Take 1-2 medium-sized raw potatoes and grate them. Extract the juice from the grated potatoes and place them in a small container. Soak two cotton balls in the potato juice, and place them over your eyelids up to your under-eye area. Let it stand for 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Do this at least twice every day for best results.

If you’re not keen on extracting juices from the potato, you can opt to slice them in thick, large circles. Put the potato slices over your eyes for 15 minutes, then rinse off with cold water as well.

2. Tomatoes



Tomatoes are probably one of the healthiest natural foods ever around. Not only is it great for nourishing the body from within, but it’s also a good home remedy for under-eye circles! Tomatoes have bleaching properties that help lighten your skin and give you a beautiful glow. Lycopene present in tomatoes also give a pinkish-white glow to your skin.

  • How to Use:

Extract juice from your fresh tomatoes. Take one teaspoon of tomato juice and mix well with one-half teaspoon lemon juice. Dab your fingertips on the mixture and apply to your dark under-eye area using gentle strokes. Let it stand for 10 minutes, then use cool water to rinse it off. Repeat this twice a day.

You may also drink plain tomato juice, or mix it with some salt, lemon juice, and mint. Drink this healthy concoction for at least a week to help support your skin’s regeneration.

3. Sweet Almond Oil

If you’re looking for a great under-eye moisturizer, then you’re in for a treat with sweet almond oil. This oil is a rich fountain of Vitamin E, an essential nutrient for skin regeneration. It’s also a good skin emollient that can make skin supple and soft.

  • How to Use:

Massage your under-eye area with a few drops of sweet almond oil. Leave in on your skin overnight, and rinse off with cool water upon waking up. Make this a nightly habit till you see less traces of dark circles on your skin.

4. Argan Oil

This highly nutritious oil is packed with antioxidants and Vitamin E that helps restore skin cells to its youthful state. Aside from banishing dark circles, argan oil is also great at erasing fine lines and wrinkles. Argan oil is light enough and is easily absorbed by your skin, so you won’t feel greasy while wearing it.

  • How to Use:

Grab your Argan oil bottle and take a few drops on your pinky finger. Apply the oil to the skin underneath your eyes using gentle tapping motions. Leave it on; no need to rinse when you wake up the next morning. This is a great night routine that’ll leave your under-eye area refreshed and healthy.

5. Cucumber

Using cucumbers for enhancing your skin’s health is well-known by lots of ladies everywhere. Cucumber is an effective astringent and skin lightening agent. It contains Vitamin C and caffeic acid, substances known to soothe skin and prevent water retention and swelling.

  • How to Use:

Take a medium-sized fresh cucumber and slice into thick circles. Ensure that the cucumber slices are large enough to cover your entire eye area. Place them in the fridge to chill for about 30 minutes. Then, grab two slices, close your eyes, and place each slice on your eyes. Let stand for 10 minutes before rinsing with cool water. Do this twice a day for best results.

You may also extract juice from the cucumber, and mix it with equal parts of lemon juice. Dab some cotton in the mixture and apply on your skin for 15 minutes. Wash off with cool water and repeat once every day to see results.

6. Lemon Juice

You’ve probably noticed that some of the above mentioned natural remedies include lemon juice in their mix. It’s because lemon is a strong lightening agent, thanks to high amounts of Vitamin C present in its juice.

  • How to Use:

Dab some cotton ball on lemon juice extracts and carefully apply to your skin. Let it stand for 10 minutes before washing it off. Moisturize your under-eye area afterwards; pure lemon juice might cause skin drying. Stop using lemon juice when you notice an itchy or burning sensation. Take care not to let lemon juice enter your eyes.

7. Milk

Cold milk can also be a remedy for dark circles. The lactic acid present in milk helps reduce darkness, lines, and wrinkles on your skin. It also improves skin elasticity and gives you firmer skin.

  • How to Use:

Refrigerate ¼ cup of milk to get it chilled before use. Drop some cotton balls on the chilled milk, then place them underneath your eyes. Keep them on your skin for 15 minutes to let the nutrients be absorbed. Wash off with clean running water afterwards.

8. Turmeric

This healthy spice packs antioxidants and nutrients to transform your dark under-eye area into a brighter one. That’s why it’s a common ingredient in several facial packs and moisturizing creams.

  • How to Use:

Mix ¼ teaspoon of turmeric powder with one teaspoon of sweet almond oil. Use your fingertips to apply the mix to your under-eye area. Gently massage and tap the area to enhance absorption. Leave the mixture on your skin for 20 minutes, after which you may wipe it off with wet tissue or rinse it with regular water.

Who says you need to buy loads of expensive eye creams to restore your under-eye area’s youthful appearance? Start rummaging your pantry for these natural home remedies now, and say goodbye to your dark circles in a safe and natural way today.

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