How to Dye Your Eyelashes

If you’ve ever been to an upscale salon or spa, you may have noticed lash dying/tinting on the service menu. You may be thinking “Why would someone dye their eyelashes, isn’t that dangerous?”

Placing anything near your eyes can be harmful, especially if chemicals are involved, but there are some noted benefits:

  1. You’ll have a permanent mascara. Dying the lashes a darker color will give the illusion that you’re wearing mascara. If you are someone who doesn’t use the cosmetic for length, then dying could be an easier option. If you like a super black shade tinting may not be sufficient.
  2. Your lashes will appear thicker. If you have long lashes but want to pump up the volume, eyelash dye will do the trick. Make the strands a few shades darker than they are originally and watch them double in thickness!
  3. Doll eyes may emerge. Having thick lashes can make the whites of your eyes come forward causing them to appear brighter; you’ll be able to bat them and get whatever you’d like!
  4. The lash line will seem fuller. Since the strands of hair look thicker after dying, they will appear to cover more of your lash line.
  5. They will appear healthier. Similar to hair tinting, eyelash tinting helps add a glossy coating to each strand.
  6. It’s more economical, at least for you. Tinting services cost an average of $25 per visit, and that doesn’t include a tip.

You can do this at Home

If you think you’re the right candidate for lash dying, run out to your local beauty supplier and grab a lash tinting kit. I’m sure you know someone who suggests using regular hair color to dye your lashes but taking this advice can be hazardous. Traditional hair color is loaded with chemicals that you wouldn’t want that close to your eyes (blindness is a potential side effect if it does). With that said, you should visit your local beauty supplier to request a product that is specifically designed for the eyelashes.

Let’s get Started

Depending on what type of kit you purchase, you may end up with various materials. No matter what brand you choose, your kit should include these key essentials:

  • Lash comb

    Lash comb

    Lash comb- This tool looks just like the comb you normally use but is small enough for the eye. It will help you evenly distribute the color for great results.

  • Lash dye- The actual color you apply is thick and creamy so that it doesn’t drip.
  • Gel Activator- You’ll need to activate the color so that it stains.
  • Under eye pads- Practice safe lash dying! These semi-plush pads will protect the skin underneath the eyes.
  • Color applicator- It is much easier to achieve excellence if you neatly apply your color. This item looks like a stick, and its job is to help get the dye from the tube and onto your lashes.
  • Tissue- To remove the dye.

Your written set of directions will depend on which kit you have. Here is a list of steps that work universally:

  1. Cleanse your face; you must make sure there is nothing stuck to your lashes. Do not apply any makeup, including mascara because this calls for a clean face. Your eyelashes also contain a lot of oils that can toy with how much color sticks.
  2. Squeeze the product on a sturdy surface. You don’t want to get dye all over your bathroom so find a suitable surface to place the dye and gel. Most companies provide you with a sliver of paper, but you are welcome to use another object.
  3. Use petroleum jelly to protect your eyes. This item will stop the dye from bleeding into the wrong places and provide a bond for the under eye pads. Place the jelly around the entire eye but be sure not to touch the lashes.
  4. Take the applicator and apply the color cautiously. It is best to work on a few lashes at a time instead of applying it like mascara, to ensure you don’t miss a spot or get the formula in your eye.
  5. Brush the color through thoroughly. If you have clean mascara wands at your disposal take one and comb through every strand (If you don’t have any wands use the comb).
  6. Next, apply the gel activator. This will help the color process so be sure to cover all bases.
  7. After about one minute remove the dye with a tissue. If you fail to apply petroleum jelly, the dye could stain your skin.

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Here are the rules

If you want a job to look professionally done, you must operate like a professional. It may not be obvious but there are a lot of constraints when performing beauty procedures, and they are for your own good.

  1. Work in a clean space, I mean medical office clean. These tools are going near your eyes, a super sensitive part of the body. Maintaining a sterile environment will help prevent infection.
  2. Make sure you have a steady hand. You don’t have to be able to draw a perfect circle, but you should be sure you can keep your eye focused and draw across the lash line at the same time.
  3. Never work with expired product. Some believe that beauty products don’t expire, while that may be true for some items, others can lose their integrity. Things that have gone rancid could also trigger irritation.
  4. Listen to your body. If you feel itching, burning, or notice redness cease the dying process immediately. No matter how great you want to look it isn’t worth going to the office with your eyes swollen shut.
  5. Take your time, this is not a race.

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